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  • Sweet to the Bitter || Harry Styles AU
    6.8K 340 7

    Harry Styles has a reputation. The nurses mourn how he's "too moody for such a pretty face", his colleagues look sideways at his emotionless approaches and even he knows his interns end up leaving him by the tenth time he's risen his voice at them. But Loren Coleman has a plan: she is going to be the best neurosurgeo...

  • Effortless (h.s.)
    233K 6.6K 37

    In which a girl struggles with her everyday life, trying to make ends meet while Harry Styles is a neighbor from down the hall.

  • The Rat Run [H.S] Harry Styles
    86.1K 4.2K 47

    Life in the University was a little frantic from time to time but actual studying would have been much easier for Lucie if Harry didn't study at the same university. It was like all she could see was him, yet he never noticed her. Like she was invisible. That was until her friends decided to put up a mission to make...

  • Thantophobia
    66.2K 1.8K 38

    (n.) the fear of losing someone you love I never imagined falling in love would be the scariest but easiest thing for me to do. Especially when it came to him.

  • Perspective. |H.S| Harry Styles
    5.6M 153K 75

    *CONTAINS MATURE AND EXPLICIT CONTENT* Have you ever met someone that made falling feel like flying? ~•~~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ Preview: "Do you think, if you jumped from this roof - it'd feel like falling or flying?" I ask, keeping up with our theme of asking random useless questions that we've been going back and forth wi...

  • Black Friday - H.S.
    6.4K 353 16

    in which single mom holly meets the sad, charming, silly, friendly, and beautiful mess that is harry, who also happens to be a single dad.

  • invisible || h.s.
    130K 3K 48

    "If you like Harry so much, then why won't you just ask him out? It's not that hard." "I really want to! There's just one problem... He doesn't even know I exist." ********** Sometimes the heart sees what's invisible to the eye~H. ********** CAUTION: Story may contain sexual content and harsh language. Read...

  • When Lennon met Harry
    299K 11.8K 47

    Lennon somehow manages to drift her way into every girls dream job, being part of Harry Styles inner circle of employees, despite the fact that she neither looks nor acts the part. In fact, never mind being someone else's PA, she needs someone to sort her own life out. Somewhere between screaming fans, a boss who app...

  • Love Slow - h.s.
    169K 3.5K 48

    Stella Rose Wilder is the designer and owner of one of the biggest, up-and-coming design labels in the fashion world. Harry Styles is, as you may know, one of the biggest solo acts in the music world. What happens when their two worlds collide? HIGHEST RANKINGS: - #1 in adelaide - #1 in wildflower - #3 in alternateuni...

  • Seasons [h.s]
    112K 4.7K 27

    a story about a single mother who finds refuge in a womanizing millionaire after becoming homeless

  • beyond the black lines | styles
    98.4K 4.7K 35

    Evelyn Davis, born and raised a hunter by her single father, learns that there's more to life than defeating monsters and sending spirits to their demise when she meets a 200 year old demon named Harry Styles. Inspired by the hit TV show, "Supernatural" © intococaine

  • Reign (h.s au)
    78.9K 3.2K 10

    "Princess," he said, breathlessly, distantly. It had taken me a few moments before I realized he was referring to me. His expectant gaze clouded my thoughts, and his slow steps closer echoed throughout the marble palace floors. Carefully, delicately, he took my hand, examining the gleaming ring on my finger before fli...

  • Dark Thorns | Harry Styles AU
    163K 7.4K 33

    "Saying art can be taught is as unconvincing as telling a suicidal girl that death is worse than living: simply inaccurate." - Arabella is a sweet girl with high aspirations, a never-give-up attitude, and she just so happens to be down in her luck when it comes to discovering the darker side of art. Whereas, Harry is...

  • The Runner (Part I of the Runner Series)
    3.2M 156K 53

    The world as we know it ended 209 years ago. From a desert wasteland springs a single kingdom, ruled by a tyrannical King and trapped in an endless war against the shadowy desert warriors. As a desperate bid to save what remains of humanity, society has been split into two distinct classes, nicknamed the Court and th...

  • Hex [h.s] [Editing]
    3.2M 134K 84

    "To break the curse is to kill the one who casted it upon you." Book #1 Trailer is made by: @BoundToLove Highest rank: #51 in Fanfiction

  • Bitter Blood (BBi)
    4.2M 101K 58

    When Parker Kingsley was thirteen years old her best friend disappeared without a trace. It's been four years since Avery vanished and Parker is finally beginning to move on with her life. But at the beginning of the last week of the school year, something unimaginable happens; Avery returns. And she's bringing a whol...