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  • The Kitty Billionaire And The Kitten Of Mischief (FrostIron)
    14.4K 731 14

    During the attack on New York, Loki tries to turn Tony into a kitten when the spell backfires turning them both into kittens. Tony now has an unexplainable urge to protect Loki from the other Avengers and his Brother. this was originally done by @GayRainbowBridge I adopted the story from them.

  • Irondad and Spiderson Oneshots
    128K 2.8K 22

    REQUESTS ARE OPEN A bunch of irondad and spiderson oneshots Vote, comment and enjoy The artwork and these characters do not belong to me

  • The Avengers meet Peter
    216K 5.1K 6

    Obviously, Tony and Rhodey knew Peter. The rest of the avengers come back to the compound, and Tony's not too happy. They all think it has something to do with trust, which is half right, but the truth is, Tony doesn't want the kid to find someone else he wants as his mentor. The other avengers are just confused as to...

  • Peter Parker/Avengers Oneshots
    22.4K 280 15

    Bunch of short stories about Peter Parker can be with the Avengers, can be ships too. You can request stories. Began 6.1.19

  • Career Day: A Short Story
    9.6K 334 5

    A career day is coming up at Peter's school. He's nervous to but decides to bring his father, Tony Stark. What could go wrong?

  • Spider-Man and IronDad One Shots
    305K 9.9K 22

    Just some oneshots I wrote. There's a lot of IronDad/SpiderSon by the way, but not all the Oneshots are focused on that. I'm not taking anymore requests sorry!! Book cover by me.

  • Irondad and Spiderson Oneshots |Requests Closed|
    141K 3K 43

    Basically what the title says, just some of the adventures of Ironman being a dad and also some random adventures with the avengers ;) Also to my friends who have me here, welcome to my nerdy side. You chose to deal with me so haha ;)))) THE COVER WAS MADE BY @starwolf_moon SO THANK YOU SO MUCH!! - My requests are tem...

  • Peter Parker one shots
    360K 8.6K 81

    The title says it all

  • This Is My Son
    15.4K 420 10

    READ MY ~READ THIS PLEASE~ CHAPTER BEFORE COMMENTING OR READING THE STORY PLEASE. It's been a year since Tony Stark has adopted Peter Parker as his son. Life couldn't be better! But when Peter finds the confidence to spill some secrets, what will happen to the family? (Original characters included in the story.) ~Pr...

  • Peter Parkour and the fam//oneshots
    117K 3.6K 42

    Another irondad-spiderson-superfam oneshots book. My other story got to 100 chapters so I wanted a new one. Enjoy. Again, none of these characters belong to me except a few.

  • Sooner Rather Than Later (HIATUS)
    362K 16.7K 32

    Peter Rogers-Stark is the biological son of Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) and Tony Stark (aka Iron Man). Peter is Spiderman and plans to keep it a secret from his family, the Avengers. One day, Peter comes across a merc with a mouth and finds it to be very frustrating: keeping a secret, fighting bad guys who set...

  • I Was Joking
    382K 13.2K 40

    "Boss, the test is a match." "Oh come on, Fri. Not you too.", Tony jokingly pleaded, smirking at Rhodey. "I have ran through the data multiple times. It's a match. Would you like to see the data?" "Yes ple...", he dragged, lighthearted tone gone when his eyes met the screen. "Oh god." Credit goes to @mischieff_ for t...

  • Living With the Starks (IronDad Oneshot Book)
    264K 8.5K 72

    A (oneshot) book in which Peter is staying with the Stark family while May is out. This book consists of oneshots that use this as the format. In this book, the Avengers live at the compound or the tower, depends. None of these oneshots are related unless it says so! There might be some mini series within this book to...

  • Who is this? (mama natasha fic)
    150K 4.1K 31

    Peter accidentally messaged the wrong number that his friend gave him. What will happen? Will he make a new friend? What will he do when he finds out who they are. will he be pleased, angry or excited? What happens when his life takes a turn? when he also messages the one and only Nick Fury! Better next, the Agents...

  • To Be A Dad (Irondad and Spiderson)
    252K 9.6K 53

    UNDER EDITING Tony is handed nine-month-old Peter Stark and tries his hardest to change to be a good dad and make good home for his son.

  • Spiderson&IronDad Oneshots
    2.3K 87 8

    Oneshots with all the Avengers, obviously including Peter and Tony.

  • Spider-Man and The Avengers | One shots
    273K 8.8K 57

    (WARNING THE FIRST CHAPTERS ARE TOTAL CRAP WILL BE GOING UNDER MAJOR EDITING thank u for understanding) Identity reveals-trips-pranks-fights- Irondad - nightmares everything you want! I also take requests leave the in the comments! #1- tomhollandspiderman #1- wanda 03/09/2019 ~ Its still number one 29. 09.2019 #8- Spi...

  • Identify Unknown (Discontinued)
    77.5K 2.5K 9

    Peter Parker. That's his name. He has no one. Living in a foster home he has nowhere to go, except school and the place he calls home. Soon enough, he's adopted. Not by some random human, but Tony Stark. There he learns the Avengers are looking for someone, and Peter is at the wrong end of it all...

  • Tony and his Kids
    71.4K 2.5K 24

    Lots of one shots with Tony and his kids! including Avengers meeting them. There might be one or two stories based with Tony being good with children. Hope you enjoy! Cover art by: MsPinesDrawings on Instagram

  • Irondad and Spideyson Oneshots!
    220K 4.6K 34

    Oneshots featuring everyone's favorite father son duo!

  • irondad & spiderson oneshots
    794K 23.8K 116

    mostly angsty irondad & spiderson oneshots

  • Highschool Days
    85.2K 4.1K 48

    Peter, his only friends are MJ and Ned. They are completely supportive of the fact he enjoys to dress up like a girl and act like an innocent child. He and his aunt May live in the Avengers Tower, enjoying life. Then, high school. Flash constantly tormenting him for being a 'sissy' or something. But that all changed...

    Completed   Mature
  • How'd You Get This Number?
    70.5K 2.7K 23

    15-year-old Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man (but no one knows that yet), finally tries to tell MJ he likes her, but it goes wrong when he realizes that he was given the wrong number. What will happen? Will Peter finally find hope? Read to find out ;) Set after Civil War, they made up though. Infinity War and Endgame do...

  • SuperFam
    29.2K 1K 26

    After May tragically dies, Tony adopts the young 14 years old (He's 14 in this story, get over it). Once the kid joins the strange dysfunctional family, he gets comfortable around them. This is simply one-shots about the fam in their natural habitat.

  • Overgrown-an Irondad and Spideyson fanfic
    420K 14.1K 61

    !!not completed!! When Aunt May dies from stage four cancer, Peter Parker finds that he has no one else to turn to other then his mentor, Tony Stark, quickly turned father figure. Disclaimer: I don't own these characters-all rights to marvel!! !!no infinity war or endgame spoilers!!

  • Irondad & Spiderson
    1M 30.5K 62

    A bunch of oneshots featuring Irondad and Spiderson. This is not Starker. Requests are closed. Happy reading! Cover by @Tanisha_Tabassum

  • Hush Little Baby
    402K 14.6K 50

    A one night stand that he can barely remember leaves Tony Stark with a six year old little boy to take care of.

  • Spiderman oneshots
    183K 5.1K 39

    🚨Poorly written, enjoy I guess, most of this was written when I was like 13 🚨 A bunch of Spider-Man one-shots. Includes some Tony Stark oneshots too. NO xReaders or Ocs 💕#1 in oneshots - 7/6/19💕

  • Peter Parker/Avengers Oneshots
    238K 5.6K 58

    fluff, angst, and whatever else is needed NO SMUT REQUESTS ALWAYS OPEN

  • Spider-Man Oneshots
    332K 5.9K 46

    These are just some friendly neighborhood Spider-Man Oneshots... if you have any ideas comment them and I will try to write them.