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  • I Know You Like Him But I Like You||Cross x Epic ❤💜
    913 79 8

    Epic has always had a crush on his best friend Cross but sadly Cross had his eyes set on another guy who just so happens to be his boss's brother named Dream. Epic has tried everything in his power to make Cross notice him but he would always laugh it off in his face. How will Epic win Cross's heart now?

  • We're Family
    4.3K 182 13

    Starts out nice ends ugly Error FGOD belongs to harrish6

  • i fell love with my best friend [cross and epic sans]
    3.1K 105 6

    no i dont ship them i made this just cause i wanted to make something romantic FOR ONCE! and like their best friends and you know it can happen sometimes. so epic ends up later on haveing feelings for cross and he never knew why he had these feelings he always thougt of them as buddys but epic thinks thare something m...

  • epic x cross hanahakidisease
    185 17 4

    so epic has a crush on is best friend but he dating dream he wake up cough for no reason he was confused but he went google2 and search it up

  • The warrior and the king(epic x cross)
    5.3K 110 5

    (This is my first book.I only made this cause I'm bored and now one made any Epic x Cross. And all pics are not mine)Epic sans is a prince that has a lazy dad an he was taken away to cross' kingdom where he was threatened to tell where his kingdom's gold was hidden away. After he said no and was taken away to the dung...

  • in love with my bestfriend [cross X epic] [FINISHED]
    3.7K 175 6

    so if you already know on my error_girly2 acc I made a story in love with my bestfriend which HOLY got quite a bit of reads, but I said I'll continue it on here so PREPARE TO BE AMAZED!!! By the way if you wanna read the first parts go to error_girly2 acc owo ------ Epic and cross were best friends for as long as they...

  • Lucky I'm inlove with my bestfriend [cross x epic]
    2.2K 89 4

    (。•̀ᴗ-)✧(。•̀ᴗ-)✧(。•̀ᴗ-)✧(。•̀ᴗ-)✧(。•̀ᴗ-)✧ So guys hope you like my story of CREPIC or crossxepic

  • Epic x Cross
    267 6 2

    I was in the bar with my friends we went to Epics house. We played Truth or dare but that led us to having something he though would never happend in our living souls.

  • Epic x Cross
    98 9 1

    Epic was in his world peacefully with his rubber chicken until a portal appeared people that he didn't know jumped out they had a bunch of weapons.He started his screaming rubber chicken.Then he noticed cross. He might give them a chance of they be nice...

  • The Sound of Laughter || An Epic x Cross Shipbook
    6.5K 204 12

    A party was held by the Star Sanses to celebrate a successful truce with the Bad Sanses. Just for some countermeasures, they invited only a few AUs of Sans over in case any of them go on a rampage. In the midst of the party, a drinking contest came out of the blue and gave the participants some really un-sober convers...

  • ~My, EPIC SoulMate~ •Epic x Cross• (Lemon?)
    369 20 3

    It's been.... awhile, since Cross caught feelings for Epic, Cross never told Epic since he was to scared to mess it up and look like an idiot in front of Epic. So, Cross always kept his feelings for Epic away. ..... But then one afternoon, Cross had enough of keeping his feelings for Epic, so, Cross just went up to E...

  • Epic x Cross with Fresh and Horror [MATURE]
    319 10 11

    Epic and Cross are already married and adopted the parasite and hungry spooky Sans as their pets :) Dude and Bruh doesn't mean friendzone terms for "buddy" or "pal" in this Sans Neighborhood AU. They are intimate terms. Read Horrortale, XTale, Epictale, AND Fresh's Loveball events before reading! (unless lazy, okay) B...

  • Ask Epic and Cross!
    59.7K 3.3K 177

    Art cover was made by me =w= Yes I have created a series about Epic and Cross or others too. This is the book where people ask questions or say things to Epic and Cross and other AU too and i'm doin this cuz why not -w-

  • Epic x cross story
    114 11 2

    Cross had left Nightmare's gang. Now his being hunted down by them around the aus. A close run in with them results in cross getting seriously injured and falling into an AU that he never been before called epictale. He is found by Epic Sans, who takes him in and tried to bring back to health. Will something blossom...

  • Омут
    148 20 4

    //пожалуйста сильно не критикуйте это мой первый опыт в написании фф// Обычный день...будний день, множество уставших и озлобленных монстров и людей бродят по миру...где-то снов совершили убийство или же это было самоубийство, но не об этом история. Маленький не большой провинциальный городок с необычной историей и жи...

  • ❝Reinicio❞|EpicCross
    214 31 1

    Y ahí estaban, como la vez anterior ------- Hice esto para una personita, ¡Feliz cumpleaños, dude! :D One-Shot que haré cada vez que sea tu cumpleaños, dude.

  • Cross x Epic One shots! (Requests Open)
    6.2K 227 19

    I am not happy with the amount of Cross x Epic on Wattpad! So here is my book! You guys can request stories! But if it's not Cross x Epic then I will put it in my other one shot book!

  • A Fallen Love (Epic x Cross)
    2.9K 113 10

    Cross likes Epic, no he Loves Epic; but he is afraid Epic doesn't feel the same! Follow them on their journey of chaos, friendship, sadness, and love! Read more to find out... ...

  • "Just friends" Cross X Epic
    160 10 2

    Cross has feelings for Epic, but he's afraid he doesn't like him back. And Epic is in denial of his feelings for Cross. Will the two ever get together? Who knows, only time can tell

  • ♥ㄥㄖV乇 爪乇♥
    1.5K 108 1

    [Love me♥] «-До вечера, братан, -Монохромный развернулся к Эпику и улыбнулся. -До вечера, чувак, -Эпик подошёл и обнял на прощание своего братана. Кросс неуверенно взаимно обнял, потому что ранее, Эпичный никогда не обнимал его на прощание. -Только не забудь, братан -Теперь мне ещё больше не по себе, чувак.. -Икс пр...

  • ~Still Bros?~ (Epicross)
    1.2K 69 7

    Heya, art cover by me n all since it's an easy doodle for me ;w; Anyways Cross as a kid use to be happy and kind with his family and he met Epic and they became good friends until when Cross world got destroyed he changed joining the bad guys team making Epic worried about him. They didn't hang out anymore since Cross...