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  • [DISCONTINUED] Life can do terrible things (Melon sans x Sugar sans)
    6.8K 271 8

    I haven't seen many sugarmelon fanfics and that makes me sad. so i thought i would make one and what better way to do it then make it depressing!? im sorry.

  • Watermelon Candy - (Sugar Sans X Melon Sans)
    1.8K 46 3

    Melon was just minding his business, walking around his house. Papyrus isn't home for some strange reason, and Melon finds a door he hasn't seen before. He opens the door and finds a portal. Who knew that the portal would lead him to a different version of himself? Cover picture is not mine! It was made by @Shade-Nara...

  • Underlust Sans X Reader
    41.5K 762 17

    [[UNFINISHED]] No lemons. Surprised? I thought so ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Quick backstory: Lust has stopped f---ing people. He is done being played with like a toy. One day he sees you with your beautiful smile and just HAS to become your friend! Maybe more than a friend... None of the pictures used are mine!

  • I Know You Like Him But I Like You||Cross x Epic ❤💜
    1.1K 96 10

    Epic has always had a crush on his best friend Cross but sadly Cross had his eyes set on another guy who just so happens to be his boss's brother named Dream. Epic has tried everything in his power to make Cross notice him but he would always laugh it off in his face. How will Epic win Cross's heart now?

  • fell in love with My darkness [killer X nightmare]
    1.8K 79 7

    after nightmare and killer help epic and cross with there relationship, it seems like it's there turn. after months hanging out and geting to know nightmare more, he had and odd felling bundling up inside him so did nightmare, the both grew a likeing for eatch other. but there relationship tossed and turned when some...

  • Want To Be Loved (Himiko Toga x Female Reader Story)
    157K 5.2K 44

    Y/n hasn't had a happy life, she never got to be her true self. She's also in UA forced by her mother. This will change once Toga enters her life. This is a villain love story. ⚠️Dni in the comments if you're under 15⚠️ ⚠️THERE ARE TW I INCLUDED IN THE BEGINNING PLEASE READ⚠️ ⚠️There's also smut in a few chapters!!!⚠️

  • Under ships one shots (CLOSED)
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    In my opinion, I love Sans x everyone in lemon, smut, etc. No request is available, so please don't comment on a request because I will say no.

  • Sanscest oneshots
    254K 7.3K 184

    Hey so I see you stumbled upon my crappy writing? WelcOme~ btw no lemon (you know who you are) uwu Also requests are open. ( - _ - ) b Fluff, Angst, or whatever that's not smut. (T▽T) •Ranked #1 on Sanscest •Ranked #106 on Sanscest

  • SANSCEST one-shots
    10.2K 345 20

    I really enjoy many ships from undertale but every time I try to read one it's always incomplete or not well written so if you love these ships as much as I do! Then keep reading extremely mostly fluff

  • undertale sanscest one shots
    129 3 3

    no art here is mine unless I say it is

  • ColorEpic and Killermare one-shots and ideas
    7.9K 289 24

    Just some one-shots Also some Ideas I might have for stories. Don't hate on me. Don't like don't read I will not do lemons, sins, limes, and smut. Angst and fluff is alowed. Edit: hahaha, it me Edit timebomb, how r u? •w• So um requests are open! There is a list in the new request page of the one shots that have been...

  • Undertale/ CountryHuman oneshots
    3K 60 24

    Here all ships that will be written out. I will do any ship no matter what it's called. Just please be nice to me as I wrote my stories. Also note if you want anything you got to ask nicely in English to the best of your abilities

  • Science sans x Outertale sans
    3.6K 78 5

    I know it's not really canon but enjoy anyway! :3 Cover art by: blogthegreatrouge (i think)

  • A Glitch And A Nightmare ( Error x Nightmare )
    28.7K 1K 33

    Error has been in Nightmare's gang for awhile and when Nightmare sees Error making a puppet of him, how will he react? Will Nightmare and Error grow a bond that is more than just a friend?

  • RESETTED (An Errormare Story) (UP FOR ADOPTION)
    16.9K 831 36

    The Bad Guys and the Star Sanses had made peace. Ink agreed to not create anymore, so Error won't destroy anymore. Everything was fine, until one day Fate decided to RESET Error back to his "original self" along with the some other Sanses that was in the scene. What will Nightmare and the others do? This story is in...

  • Switch (crossmare)
    56.2K 2K 47

    If you like Nightmare being a smoll who is now in the story plot that Cross usually is and a Cross that's now basically nightmare then you are in luck cause this book is for you!!!! Edit This book is based on characters that are not created by me (I have to add this now sense this book is getting kinda popular)

  • Loyalty & Love {Crossmare // COMPLETED}
    87.7K 3K 29

    [Used to be known as Just a servant to you.] Cross. One of Nightmare's most loyal servants. Who would have guessed he would fall in love with the Lord of darkness. But all Nightmare sees Cross as is a tool for his own dirty work. That's until Dream breaks out of his stone prison with a screw loose and a plan to kill...

  • ...I'm Sorry...
    2.7K 107 11

    The following book will contain Gore 18+ LGBQT+ Rape BoyxBoy If you do not like any of these please don't read. This book with also contain the following ships. DreamxNightmare (Dom dream) InkxError (Dom ink) DustxBlue GenoxReaper HorrorxLust CrossxEpic KillerxOuter(Dom outer) If you do not like these ships then don'...

  • We're Family
    4.4K 182 13

    Starts out nice ends ugly Error FGOD belongs to harrish6

  • ||"Im rich your poor , But thats not an excuse"|| ||An Unfresh x Fresh story||
    499 62 11

    Fresh...A skeleton who is slavered to an island were they sell Monster's and Human's to be slaves to other Monster's and Human's . The one who has many good reviews . His cleaning , respect and good babysitting skills made him quite popular on the island . Unfresh...Another fell skeleton . He's a successful man , Mone...

  • fresh X unfresh (fluff)
    17.3K 494 15

    this is my first ever story so dont judge to hard but tips are always aloud

  • I'm Not Sharing! (Fresh!Sans X Reader X Unfresh!Sans)
    135K 3.7K 22

    Skeleton brothers Fresh and Unfresh have never gotten along. Especially when it comes to sharing things. So, when both of them meet (y/n) and fall for her... Things get interesting... *** Ranked 4 in 'sans x reader' and 1 in 'unfresh' as of 5/9/2018, as well as other rankings. Ranked 32 in 'undertale' as of 5/12/2018...

  • {~Loving My Gang Members Brother~} Cross x Nightmare
    5.6K 266 8

    *Art on cover isn't mine!* If you do not like the ships that will be listed below you have been warned and please don't comment about it I just like the ships. ~CrossMare~ (Cross x Nightmare) ~ErrorInk~ (Error x Ink) ~Kustard~ (Fell x Classic Sans) ~Kréme~ (Dream x Killer) ~BloodLust~ (Lust x Horror) ~DustBerry~ (Dust...

  • Tales of bruhs
    21 2 1

    Bruh Bruh Bruh Bruh Bruh Bruh "" rights to the original artists ""

  • {~The Three Deadly Sans'~} Cross x Nightmare
    25.2K 871 20

    *ART ON COVER IS NOT MINE* Okay, This book is inspired by the anime Seven Deadly Sins. This story is completely different from the actual show! It's just that The Three Deadly Sans', have committed the seven deadliest sins. I will list the sins below and which ones go with which character- no name saying uwu. #### =...

  • Switch (crossmare) short stories!!
    100 4 2

    As y'all know, I kinda ghosted on my old account after I finished SWITCH the crossmare story!!! And I would love to actually start that up again due to someone helping me cope and want me to write again, so my dear cuties that love that series gear up for some deep lore, and some funny tales.

  • i fell love with my best friend [cross and epic sans]
    3.1K 107 6

    no i dont ship them i made this just cause i wanted to make something romantic FOR ONCE! and like their best friends and you know it can happen sometimes. so epic ends up later on haveing feelings for cross and he never knew why he had these feelings he always thougt of them as buddys but epic thinks thare something m...

  • epic x cross hanahakidisease
    200 18 4

    so epic has a crush on is best friend but he dating dream he wake up cough for no reason he was confused but he went google2 and search it up

  • The warrior and the king(epic x cross)
    5.4K 110 5

    (This is my first book.I only made this cause I'm bored and now one made any Epic x Cross. And all pics are not mine)Epic sans is a prince that has a lazy dad an he was taken away to cross' kingdom where he was threatened to tell where his kingdom's gold was hidden away. After he said no and was taken away to the dung...

  • Worlds Collide (SANSCEST MULTISHIP)
    40.6K 1.8K 43

    "It's so nice here, when I grow up, I want to stay here and be like Father! I'll take care of the children!" "Yeah but... are the other kids happy? When they left The House they never write to us..." "Of course they're happy, Cross! Maybe everything is new on the outside that's why they forgot to write, they will soon...