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  • Kaukana kauniista
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    Todellisuudessa taisin tulla tänne ihan vain sinun vuoksesi. Koko paikassa ei ollut muita kuin me, tai sitten kuvittelin niin, koska olin keskittynyt ainoastaan sinuun. Runoja mun masennuksesta. Oon kirjotellu näitä sillon tällöin, mutta varsinki sillon ku on paha olla. #9 in poetry #1 in completed

  • Itsetuhoisuuden käsikirja
    2.2K 181 24

    Röökari,alkoholisti,ihmisvihaaja...nimikkeitä kyllä löytyy Ei ihan sen kilteimmän naapurintytön säälittäviä ajatuksia elämästä (ja miksei kuolemastakin) Mun värikynät vietiin pois,Siks mun elämä on nii mustavalkoista.

  • dysphoria
    7.8K 844 119

    silent pleas from a heart that's been tainted blue, a mind that ripples in constant turmoil and a mouth that remains shut //

  • Surviving Myself
    535 27 48

    My body was screaming at me, for me To stop. And this evidence is telling me why I had to listen. It seems you can't beat your body, Ever, but especially not when it's fighting for you and against you. New poems about similar topics to usual with the addition of a possible dissociative disorder (Functional Movement/Ne...

  • Sad Poems
    148K 3.6K 72

    depressing poems. caused by my life

  • | pinocchio boy |
    1.2K 97 4

    a collection of poems that need to be seen

  • Poems of the Dissociative
    1.8K 262 26

    A compilation of poems that I have written, covering numerous topics. All contents are written by me. Please do not plagiarise or steal my work. Feel free to leave feedback or thoughts on any piece. Thank you for your time and support.

  • Do I qualify as crazy?
    1.4K 123 18

    A collection of poems surrounding child abuse; how the traumas can linger, the experience of the traumas itself in multiple perspectives, the psychological ramifications and more. I hope through poetry I can help raise further awareness about child abuse.

  • Things I Wish I Never Thought About
    4.1K 381 23

    Hey. Its Liam. Im trans ftm and I write poems about how I feel.

  • Trapped
    4.1K 297 8

    A collection of poems about my transgender experience.