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  • Boku no hero academia chatroom (Bakusquad x reader) (Dekusquad x reader)
    4.2M 140K 106

    When the salty (Y/N) (L/N) creates a chat for her UA friends, she soon realizes that this may or may not have been the best idea. Chaotic conversations, weird topics, annoying Bakugou and bullying Mineta. And all that usually at 2 or 3 AM. (Don't take this book serious. Its a BNHA crack book and mostly consists of jo...

  • Awesome Comebacks and Insults!
    1.4M 52.4K 101

    For those annoying ass motherfuckers that need to learn how to shut their mouth. Vote and Comment please :) Enjoy! :) ~ FarahTariqx WARNING// Please do not read if you're easily offended. Some of the content is really mean but that's kind of the point.

  • Funny Text Bloopers
    23.6M 928K 598

    Collection of 'Funny Text Bloopers'.