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  • Me, Myself and Him (a gravity falls fanfiction)
    131K 5K 38

    Now, for the sake of the story. let's say that the ending you know lied. let's just assume the ending you remember watching, wasn't the true one. let's pretend that the magic circle made to destroy Cipher during Weirdmaggedon, set in the midst of his Fearamid, worked. for the sake of the argument, let's say that in t...

  • Gravity Falls - Transcendance
    9.7K 360 39

    *WARNING SPOILERS!* You will have to have watched at least the three parts of wierdmageddon to understand some things that happen in this story. This takes place four years after the season ends, the twins return to visit their Grunkles but an unexpected visitor drops in to see a certain Pine-tree... [COMPLETED]

  • Demons and Ciphers: A Gravity Falls Transcendence AU Story
    4K 70 22

    Weirdmageddon is in full swing, and all Ten members of the Cipher Wheel are in the Fearamid, ready to end the apocalypse. However, something goes terribly wrong, and one of their friends is lost. Will Mabel ever see her brother again? And if she does, will he be the same as he was before he disappeared? This is my ow...

  • The Swap
    4.8K 126 8

    This is what would have happened in gravity falls "sock opera" if bill didn't leave dippers body and dipper was stuck in the mindscape. Slowly everything Bill and Dipper know changes, even they change. I do not own the pictures or characters of this story.

  • Alcor's Tale
    4K 150 13

    What if the Cipher Wheel actually worked? What if Stan and Ford set aside there differences and completed the circle? Bill would be defeated but at what cost? All power come with a price what will those in the Pines family and the rest of the town pay in return for the power to defeat bill. ~Y'all probably know this d...

  • The Light (Book 4 of the Lost Brother)
    10.3K 382 17

    Things are getting rough with the war going on between the light and the darkness. When the news that Cade was killed, things get unorganized. Then once darkness found the base to The Light and captures everyone, everything starts to grew darker the seconded but Ford, Mayvis, Dipper, and LanLee mange to escape and it...

  • Alcor Cipher - demon! dipper - paramountcy falls au
    170K 5.7K 23

    "is it better to out monster the monster?" chapter 1, part 1; I promise _._._._._._._._ Dipper and Stanley stood in front of Bill, within his throne room. The other pines and friends were all fighting teeth, 8 ball and all the other punks following bills order. "I have had enough of you, Bill! you have wronged this to...

  • Dreams can be Nightmares- Alcor Dipper(Book1 of 'Demons Of Dreams')
    52.3K 1.5K 8

    They say that dreams come true, but they forgot to mention nightmares are dreams too. Dipper makes a deal with Bill Cipher for his family's lives. He discovers he's a demon himself. One day Bill decided to help him control his powers, resulting in a very close friendship....or in this case, family bonding. But th...

  • The End (3rd book of the lost brother)
    10.3K 342 13

    The lost brother, who they thought they could save, is for ever lost. The words, no one can save you know, comes to reality as Bill Cipher continues his plan...for the end. Please read the other two books. This story will make sense if you read the first two. Book 1: The Lost Brother Book 2: No One Can Save You Now.

  • Gravity Falls: How to Burn a Pine Tree
    152K 5.5K 33

    [NOTE: I originally wrote this about two years ago and just recently went through and edited it. Of course there still may be some mistakes, so I apologize in advance for that.] Soon after rescuing Mabel from her bubble, Weirdmageddon is in full swing and Ford is still in the hands of Bill Cipher. In the heat of the m...

  • No One Can Save You Now (2nd Book of The Lost Brother)
    25.7K 872 23

    Picture by me (HardyTwister), I drew the picture by hand but did the color and effects on a computer program called Gimp. I hope you like the picture. P.S. I am not a pro artist. Title by: CandyGirl369 Bill is starting his plans to take down the royal universes to become the top demon in all of the billion universes t...

  • (Gravity Falls) The Lost Brother
    90.5K 2.6K 26

    It's been four years and Dipper Pines still haven't been found. Everyone believe that he got lost in the forest and die. Now Mabel is back in Gravity Falls, age 16, and is in search of her lost brother. With only a few friends by her side that believe her that Dipper is still alive and out there, Mabel races around to...

  • Gravity Rises (S1)
    257K 11.5K 75

    When Mabel Pines visits her great uncle Stanford, she's excited to meet an adult who will take her and her supernatural exploration seriously. After all, who better to believe her than a real supernatural researcher! She and her twin brother, Dipper, are more than ready to find magic in the Oregon forests around Ford'...

  • A Floating Pine tree
    2.2K 57 3

    This Starts right after Bill left Dipper's Body. What happens when Dipper gets Bill's powers after the sock opera and Bill turns human? DISCLAIMER I do not own Gravity Falls

  • Bill's Son
    6.5K 116 3

  • Gravity Falls : The Darkness Inside Me
    62.1K 1.7K 7

    After the Author, Stanford Pines steps out of the portal everything changes for Mabel and Dipper. Dipper feels alone, betrayed and blames everything on Mabel, Stanley and Stanford are nonstop fighting and arguing. and Bill and Dipper uncover a shocking secret about themselves. but that's not all the government are aft...

  • Alcor D. Cipher {REWRITE}
    3.6K 85 5

    The twins, Mabel and Dipper, survive their summer at Gravity Falls. They successfully sealed the rift in the universe and everything is normal--Gravity Falls normal. Ford and Stanely never leave to go explore the weirdness around the world and decide that they are most likely still needed in Gravity Falls. They could...

  • Your Going to go Far Kid
    4.2K 118 4

    Well if I told you i'd give the whole book away.Its just another Gravity Falls fan fiction.So read at your own expense. (Warning: there is gore and violence in this book.If you don't have the heart for that stuff please don't read.) All characters are owned and created by Alex Hirsch(besides my own ocs) along with the...

  • Bills Son !!
    71 3 1

    (Weirdmagedon didnt happen) It started 13 years ago when stanford pines was ready to trap Bill in the nightmare realm for "ever" ,but before Bill had gone he said something that confused stanford. It was Dipper and Mables birthday but there may be an unexpected quest!!.

  • From Now On
    7.5K 202 18

    Art in this story are not mine unless I say they are, Full credit to the Artists. This story is based off when 'Dipper' and Mable pines are returning to Gravity Falls a couple of years after Weirdmageddon. While they are getting settled in 'Dipper' keeps hearing voices, Having what seems to be some sorta Flashbacks, a...

  • Son of Bill Cipher (ON HIATUS)
    125K 2.8K 30

    The chaos of Weirdmaggedon has come to an end. The twins, Dipper and Mabel, birthday are three days away. But what if a certain triangle wasn't defeated? What if he discovered a long held family secret that leads to what he's been searching for for almost thirteen years? What is the secret? And who or what is it about...

  • {I'M A CIPHER?!}
    295 9 2

    It's been about well two years and it's ONE month away from the mystery twin's b-day and it's gonna be their 15th Birthday What dose the future prepared for them Read the story to see what happens

  • Sorrow: A Gravity falls Fanfiction
    744 7 4

    "Thirteen year old Mason Pines has been proclaimed dead after missing for almost 3 months. The whole police department of Gravity falls Oregon has been looking for him after he dissappeared with no trace in the middle of the night of 01.09.2017(I made it so that the original events in the show are in 2017) . The polic...

  • A Broken Pinetree
    1.2K 23 8

    My take on the Transcendence Au of Gravity Falls. It will deviate from the plot, but follow the same story, maybe merging into the drift au later on. They might have thought Bill was gone, but he had always been there, waiting in the shadows. Now he can rise again, or at least that's what he thought... (A/N) Hey guys...

    Completed   Mature
  • Change {Alcor AU}
    5.9K 287 10

    (Completed) Dipper Pines, age 12, has always known that his sister was just a bit self centered. Following the return of his Grunkle Ford, a light shines on how alone Dipper actually is in his situation. Betrayed by both Mabel and Stan, and Ford being bent on destroying Bill, who does he have to turn to? Then comes th...

    Completed   Mature
  • History's Repeat
    3.5K 77 8

    The pines twins return to Gravity Falls after 4 years . Mable thinks its just a reunion but secretly Dipper has a second agenda to his return. A secret he uncovers while in Pimedont . Meanwile an old foe is slowly awakening . Can Dipper keep his shit while under pressure? or is he gonna crack . personaly idk . anyway...

  • The Child Of Cipher (Discontinued)
    75.3K 1.8K 36

    (ok listen i know the fandom died but.....i dont care) (Edit: did...did i just revive the fandom?) bill cipher an all powerful and insane demon he can kill you in an instant without hesitaion this dream demon is known for being ruthless and heartless one wouldve guessed he had a son...who was taken away fro...

    37.3K 1K 28

    Dipper has been gone for two weeks now and his family has been searching for him to no avail. But suddenly a mysterious demon going by the name Alcor shows up and claims he knows what happened to him. Is this too good to be true...? (First 2 chaps are not mine, are tweaked very, very slightly.)

  • Alcor the cyphers son (up for adoption)
    15.6K 335 17

    Dipper Pines also known as Alcor D Cipher is kidnapped from Bill Cipher by Stanford Pines. He grows up as a human with his "twin sister" Mabel but then soon finds out his origins and family

    6.7K 238 8

    {IN PROGRESS} Bill is laying on his deathbed and makes a grave sacrifice in giving dipper his powers. When dipper wakes up the next morning to find what's happened he tries to cover it up, but can he cover it for long? What happens when bill seemingly comes back to life, and how far will ford go make sure he sends ou...