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  • My Little Cloud [Hiatus]
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    [Bnha X Reader] Slow updates due to life and shit ⚠️mentions Chapter 254 or more, so uh spoilers⚠️ There's a video in the introduction chapter explaining who Oboro Shirakumo is Here's a simplified description because I suck at making a good one Big cloud brother dies in villain attack, parents angy/sad and take anger...

  • Shouto Todoroki's Little Sister [BNHA Fanfic]
    145K 476 10

    Many asked why Reiya Todoroki is so uptight and cold, always so stoic and takes things too seriously. But soon they learn that she is Endeavor's daughter, Shoto Todoroki's little sister and General Studies' star student. Not only that but she is someone that grew up taking care of both her parents as well as her sibl...

  • Play with Fire (Bakugo x Reader)
    65.3K 1.9K 17

    In this (Y/N) Todoroki is the twin of our beloved Shoto, she has the same quirk yet their father only acknowledges leading her to strive to get better and earn praise from her father. Along the way she tries rebuilding her relationship with her brother and falls for a certain blonde in class 1-A. She also happen...

  • Present Mic's Daughter
    41.6K 917 3

    Present Mic lost his daughter 5 years ago and now she's going to U.A to become a hero to find her dad but what happens when she caught a the eyes of criminals pro hero's and classmate!?

  • CRUSH / shouto todoroki.
    160K 8.9K 13

    ───── in which the dekusquad help todoroki get his crush with the assistance of wikihow ( fem y/n / fluff ) © 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟎 SWEET-AMAI

  • A Wolfs Way BakugouXReader
    141 20 7

    They both may be ruthless but can still have a heart

  • Daughter of PRESENT MIC
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    You is the daughter of Present mic. You go to U.A. Yeeeeeeeeeeeee Started: November 17 2018 Ended: unknown