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  • The Other Swan | Rewrite | Book 1
    38.7K 710 41

    Snow and Bella Swan decided to move to Forks to live with their Father, Charlie Swan. What Snow doesn't expect is to meet someone that she would fall in love with. Follow Snow and Jasper's story. -Note: I do not own any of the characters except my characters

    Completed   Mature
  • The Major and His Mate (A Jasper Hale story)
    557K 13.1K 38

    Luna, a young girl who lives in the small town of Forks, lives a basic and quiet life taking every day as it comes. However, that basic life changes when a strange family arrives in town, having moved from Alaska and becomes a large part of her life. (The first in a Jasper Hale series) I don't own Twilight and I don't...

  • His Name is Tarzan ✔️ -ON HOLD-
    203K 6.1K 23

    Emily Prez, a Med school student at age 24, decides to take a nice long vacation to Jamaica, loving the idea of relaxing in the sun. *** But things take a turn after Emily's flight begins to go haywire leading to her and a handful of other passengers CRASHING into Africa. *** Emily then begins to scout the land for...

  • To Love A Monster
    2.7K 166 10

    Highest Ranking: 416 on 6/5/17 Ava's life has been filled with shortcomings, but she has learned to live with a tough exterior. Ava moves into a house with her aunt in a creepy town. Upon her first week there she comes face to face with a fearsome creature that leaves her in shock, fear, and mild curiosity...

  • Rhaegar and Lyanna: A Forbidden Love
    67K 1.5K 27

    "Prince Rhaegar loved his Lady Lyanna, and thousands died for it." This probably isn't how George RR plans to do it, but this is how I think of them when I think of R+L=J/ None of the characters, pictures, videos etc belong to me. All credit to owners.

  • The Song of Ice and Fire
    93.2K 1.7K 40

    Everything in Game of Thrones happened as in the books/series. Except when the Golden masked men come to kill Daenerys, her unsullied and Drogon arrived burning some to ash. Instead of him flying her to the grasslands, he flew to the North, where Jon was about to be betrayed by his nights watch. This is where the stor...

    Completed   Mature
    561K 15.5K 102

    A tragic history was resown, When she remembers her true name in the flames of her grief. -------------------- [INCOMPLETE] - in actual book format - - may tie into season 7 as I update, may not -

  • command [joffrey baratheon]
    164K 3.9K 28

    King Joffrey agrees to marry Lady Margaery instead of Sansa. But right after that, he discovers that his fiancee's brother Loras brought another Tyrell girl to King's Landing. Lyra Tyrell is a young lady, not less beautiful or intelligent than her sister Margaery. Her dark brown, kittenish curls and blue eyes got som...

    Completed   Mature
  • The silence of the ice (Jon snow fan-fic )
    320K 7.1K 57

    *NEW* A Romantic fanfiction about love , loyalty and deceit . A young lady travelled to the north with her family for a special occasion . While There she met Jon Snow , a bastard son to The Lord of the north but Nothing Prepared them for what came next . There are some characters that I own and some are owned by...

  • Hear Me Roar
    124K 2.1K 20

    A Jaime Lannister Fanfic A Betrothal. A Knight. and A Lady. Jaime Lannister falls in love with a girl that sees through his arrogant façade. The Lion of Lannister, Kingslayer, Oathbreaker, Man without Honor, is truly loved by someone and that leaves Jaime wondering if it is true love. But Starks and Lions don't mix an...

  • All Men Must Die (Game of Thrones Fanfiction)
    67.9K 1.4K 16

    Rhaenyra Baratheon is Joffrey's older sister. When King Robert brings his family to Winterfell, she learns that she is betrothed to Robb Stark, destined to be Lady of Winterfell. But it all changes when Eddard is accused of treason. This is Rhaenyra's journey to find her true destiny and her true self. If any of you...

  • The Wolf's Bride (completed)
    528K 11.3K 37

    Elena Bridgewater is soon to be betrothed to Robb Stark the eldest of Eddard Starks sons, but how will she find Winterfell and being married to a boy she has never even met?

  • Torn- a game of thrones fanfiction
    158K 3.8K 25

    Arathea Iyesrt of Valdell and her family are summoned to King's Landing, a fortnight before the Royal Wedding between King Joffrey Baratheon and Lady Margery Tyrell. In King's Landing, Arathea falls for a certain Prince. However, Arathea's time in King's Landing was not all fun and games, not if Joffrey had anything...

  • Love and Control - A Game of Thrones Fan Fiction
    443K 8.5K 23

    "You are my special lady, Arienne, and I will love from this day, until my last day." Fire has to power to heal, or to burn. And Arienne has just walked into the largest fire of all. King's Landing is a mysterious place where the foundations are secrets, built with lies, and decorated with rumours. But Arienne...

  • Beauty and the Beast » Game of Thrones
    822K 18.3K 44

    Lady Adelaine of House Braxton arrives in King's Landing soon after members of House Tyrell. There she is promised to wed the King of the Seven Kingdoms, who is commonly known as an absolute nightmare. Will she survive the game of thrones? - Completed on December 18, 2014 at 4:13 AM -

  • UNDRESSED BY THE KING (Fantasy-Royalty Romance +18)
    4.1M 144K 68

    "It is a waste of hardness if I'm not going to push it inside you," the King said. Using his deft hands, he traced my waist, found the zipper of my jeans and unzipped it. I was delirious after that. ~ 0 ~ They say mirrors are the door to another realm. For Nicollete, after bringing home an antique mirror from an expe...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Teacher - A Forbidden Romance
    94K 2.8K 26

    THE TEACHER By Margaret McHeyzer & J. L. Perry Damon McKenzie She came into my life when I wasn't expecting her. We only spent one day together, and it felt like we'd known each other our entire lives. I asked her out to dinner and she told me she couldn't wait ... but she never came. She stood me up. It's been three...

  • Forbidden Lessons | Ch 1-4 preview
    89.8K 1K 4

    When 18-year-old Laura first sees her new German teacher her world is turned upside down. She can't get Mr Rydell out of her mind. Is it coincidence that she keeps bumping into him outside class or does he share her feelings? He's totally forbidden fruit. But the two of them are soon breaking every rule. ~~~~~ NOTE:...

  • Illicit Love(Student/teacher Relationship)
    139K 3.4K 14

    "I'll see you later Mr. M." I said as I walked to the door. "Hold on." He calls when I'm just a few feet from the door. I stop and turn around to see him walking towards me with a determined look on his face. I stumble back a little bit to feel my back hit the door. He continues walking until he is just a few inches...

  • Falling From Grace: Student-Teacher Forbidden Romance
    1.8M 79.9K 72

    ★★★TOP 50 WATTPAD ROMANCE NOVEL★★★ He's her English teacher and her priest... what happens when they fall hopelessly in love? A sexy, forbidden, true love romance between an American student and a Catholic priest.

  • The fifth marauder
    71.7K 1.5K 15

    Ever Wisby is a witch, muggleborn and after meeting her new friends in the train she falls into a world of magic, pranks and a lot of detention with the marauders. With the dark lord on the rise and new powers being discovered this is not what Ever was planning school was going to be like. Please note that I do not ow...

  • Two Hearts |Marauders Era|
    35K 959 6

    Lily Evans, Hogwarts' smartest witch yet, has news to tell. Who knew she had an older twin sister? Daphne Evans is returning from France. With a secret passion for causing trouble, who knows what she'll be up to?

  • FOREVER// James Potter
    32.5K 282 4

    Bryone Benton and James Potter story. Follow Bryone and her fellow Marauders starting in their 6th year and on. "Moony put down that book the greatest person ever has arrived" I yelled as I open the compartment door. "I hope your not talking about yourself." Laughed Sirius "You bet your arse I'm talking about myself...

  • The Hidden Sister (James Potter Love Story)
    31.4K 678 4

    Everyone knows Lily Evans. She's the too-nice Gryffindor that James Potter is ... fond of. To them, she is the perfect example of, well, perfection. But to me, she is my twin sister. My name is Royal Addison-Clare Evans, I go the Beauxbatons Witchcraft Academy, and I am half veela. I haven't seen my family in ove...

  • Queen Potter { A James Potter love story,}
    109K 2.2K 16

    Evangeline Black is the twin sister of Sirius Black. Alone, afraid and abused by her argumentative, horrible mother, life couldn't get any worse. Some how, it did. Sirius ran away, leaving her behind with all the hatred and bruises. She enters Hogwarts an unhappy soul, and is always finding herself in trouble. Then sh...

  • The Stag and the Doe [James Potter]
    36.1K 605 5

    This is the story of Lily Evans younger twin sister but you have to read and find out....

  • A New Beginning (James Potter/Marauders Era)
    94.3K 2.1K 21

    When The Hell Twins get expelled from Ilvermony Wizarding School they move to England to study at Hogwarts where they meet The Marauders. When the Hell Twins and the Marauders meet all hell breaks loose. Pun Intended. However, over time, a Marauder and a Hell Twin fall in love. Every story has an ending... But in...

  • My Soulmate is WHO?!??!
    108K 2.7K 14

    April's days at Hogwarts are spent either running from her bullies, the infamous marauders, or going to class. One day while running from them something unexpected happens: They find her refuge. Now they won't leave her alone, constantly pestering her to find out her secrets. To make the matters worse, April finds...

  • You're Who's Sister?!
    153K 196 2

    It started with one girl. In a moment, her life changed for the better. Things began to look up from the torturous pit she had fallen into. Then the animals began to act strange, they began to show different body language than they normally do. Shiyloh Lawrence is sent off on a whirlwind adventure with her best frie...

  • Grey Eyes (A Harry Potter Fanfiction)
    1.8M 61K 45

    Featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic Harry Potter Fanfiction reading list! -- When your mind is all you can trust, what happens when your memories fail you? After being homeschooled for the past four years, Cecilia Vance enters her fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry only to find her school li...