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  • Shine: A Graphics Contest
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    Peerless Community presents it's first Graphics Contest. Book Holder: @Anora0901 Let's mark the first graphics contest book that'll hold up the most amazing prompts for you to participate. This book will also provide you to develop in your graphics and huge platform to show your skills and abilities to flourish astoni...

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    If your book isn't getting the attention it needs, or if you feel that your book is that of winners, this competition is for you! [_] OPEN [X] JUDGING [X] CLOSED CLOSING DATE: APRIL 5, 2021 JUDGING CLOSES: MAY 20, 2021

  • KOTLC... As Hamilton!
    2.1K 193 8

    Basically where I take the KOTLC characters and have them play our favorite Hamilton ones! Enjoy! Note: I don't own any of the characters, or some of the lyrics! They're modified by me, but they're not completely original! (I'll change the cover later :))

  • COVID 20 - A Zombie Story
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    "We had been out of Quarantine for months, places were opening back up and you saw fewer and fewer masks. COVID-19 was becoming old news, Then the "miracle" happened. They created a vaccine. It was a perfect storm, cheap to make, easy to administer, and no side effects! Or so they thought..." Find out what happens nex...

  • Characters && Roles
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    Officiall Characters && Roles for @DemiWizards-Official