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  • Margarita Frost 2
    1K 164 6

    Continuation of the [Duke's Daughter Margarita Frost Reporting for Duty]. Margarita doesn't want a typical revenge. She wanted to give back Diego what he had given the original Margarita. Dwayn will get the Crown, the palace and the woman, he loves.

  • Contract Wife : Mother's Wish
    114K 5.9K 24

    April is a very beautiful girl and because of her beauty she always think herself as someone who is above everyone. The boss ask her hand for marriage and she readily accepted even with a contract deal that says 'no feelings attach' she ignores it and believe that she can make the boss loves her with her beauty alone...

  • Drunkard Becomes the Villain's Step Mother
    13.4K 1K 11

    Her name is Pacita. A dancer and a Harlot. She had all the alcohol in town and all of her customers are handsome and like her they also like alcohol and wines. But wine is too expensive for Pacita to enjoy. One fateful day, she died after being stabbed by a man who she never graced chance or attention. When she woke...

  • I Will Become A Proper Villainess (DROP)
    204K 9.3K 22

    The princess died because of a successful assassination yet she wakes up in one of the recent novel she read before dying. A Cliche story of a Main Character who was forced to remarry a woman he doesn't love. He has a son who was maltreated by his own wife. After he forcefully divorced his wife, he remarried for the t...

  • I Am Duchess Carson (Indefinitely Onhold)
    32.3K 1.3K 12

    I AM DUCHESS CARSON When she wakes up, Keanna is already in a dire state. She is struck by the Prince in the heart but miraculously survive? The King takes it as the God doesn't want her to die yet and gave the final verdict that if she survives all her past crimes are to be vanish. Do not make mistake, this is an Oto...

  • My Two Faced Consort (Indefinitely Onhold)
    16.9K 626 8

    Ilia is the youngest sister of Irina. ilia from a child is a bit of a waste in the head. She doesn't know how to write or read or count and always been bullied while Irina is the smartest,the most kind and the apple of the eye of their father. Irina has wished to become an Empress ever since she is a child and his fat...

  • Girl from the Slum (Stopped)
    2K 119 9

    Feria is a girl from slum.Its not as bad as it sound.There's a good old man and woman close by that gambles even their own engagement ring. The Old uncle lives upstairs that reeks from alcohol even in the middle of the day.Or the theif lives one block away from them.All of those less unfortunate,uneducated people alw...

  • Amiegold's Second Chance (Stopped)
    346 29 3

    After their parents death comes his brother's horrible death. The one who killed him is a schoolmate she never get acquainted to and plead 'not guilty'. She won the trial and also successfully tarnish her brother's name. After she decided to live with it spending her time working, her selfishness become tolerable. Sh...

  • I LOVE YOU PAPA (Stopped)
    60.6K 2.9K 18

    Ever since she read a story about a cruel King and his daughter.She always wish to become that daughter. But how can God be too kind and answer her wish,right? Now she learn the lesson of wishing what you wish for is a one way ticket. Its either she make her father loves her or she dies trying. And shes more than wil...

  • The King's Wife is Crazy (Indefinitely Onhold)
    181K 7.8K 27

    She's a modern woman that lives in technology and wisdom and suddenly she's awaken in a body of a frail maiden that is being bullied to her own husband's house--palace? She is the Queen? But it looks like no one pays attention to her,no one likes her and her husband's neglected her.Zia is a woman that lives in the era...

  • Colors
    5.2K 365 5

    A successful businesswoman died in her 90's but instead of eternal rest, she is transmigrated to a body of a teenager that is being bullied, parents recently died and has a small 6 year old baby brother with a small apartment that is mostly got swipe clean by the relatives to pay the parents burial fee.

  • The New Master of the Door of Greed (Indefinitely Onhold)
    1.1K 84 8

    Suarez Family has guarded a House for hundreds of years,or better say,they're guarding a door. A mysterious Door that has no key hole or either door knobs. The ancestors says that once the door has opened,the master of the door will be rich beyond his wildest dream. Abby is the last descendant of the family. Her goal...

  • Fallen Angel's Agency Employee : Heartless Bitch
    607 41 2

    Yuri wakes up in the office of the Fallen Angel's Agency after death. She doesn't want to get sentence in hell so she decided to get a job and help them do the most heartless and thankless job available.

  • Kain Queen and Playboy King (Completed)
    3.9K 103 50

    Mart needs Elle's help. Elle doesn't have any reason to help him. And he is a pain in the ass. But Martin found out her the boy's comfort room. "You don't have a choice now.Help me or I'll expose this scandal." Martin has an evil grin in his face. Nakayuko lang si Elle. Pinag papawisan sya ng sobra at dum...

  • Protagonist's Maid (Stopped) (Completed)
    14.9K 592 9

    Junifer is a Salary Woman working as a sales lady in a department store with a tyrant boss and loves reading Wuxia novels. A game with a lot of Wuxia vibes is popular online and the moment it release an english version of the game she immediately downloaded and get hooked. After playing 'Indestructible Heart' for 10...

  • Reincarnated As A Villainess and Actually Like It (Stopped)
    1.1K 48 2

    The girl's luck is exceedingly good but she finally runs dry as she died after being killed in a new year's eve by a stray bullet. She reincarnated in the past where telephone is still the most common communication device on Earth. She is the oldest daughter of the CEO of a popular shoe brand in the country. Actually...

  • The Duchess (Indefinitely Onhold)
    684 38 3

    Born from the family that cares about profit than anything else. Violet was sold--err--got engage in exchange of her beautiful older sister to the Duke that is mysterious than the word mystery itself. The Larnsur Household didn't take too long to pay--err--to give Violet's family's demand and so the wedding proceed sm...

  • The Savage Girl And The Good Boy
    297 25 1

    Caitlyn Santiago is an unfortunate girl with a twisted life. When her father died, she was 6 years old, her mother took off and left her behind. The neighbor took upon themselves to gave her food and money. No one cared enough more than just giving her food. Caitlyn was 8 when her Aunt, a rich woman whom she never met...

  • Halo's Five Wonder Faucets (Onhold)
    2.5K 217 8

    Halo died in The modern Era and woke up in the tatter body of a wasted and used woman that has a sexual transmittable disease. Halo thinks that this is awful but a certain system brings her to a space. In this space there are five temple and every temple has one faucets. There are only name attach to every faucet. It...

    385 28 3

    Venus was a school's problem student before she stopped attending school after given a 3 day suspension. She was uncontrollable. She was found in an abandoned building with a knife wound. The police thought she was dead but surprisingly she has a very faint pulse. After Venus made a contract with the heaven's officer...

  • Obedient Daughter
    2K 153 2

    A cliche manga about an illegitimate daughter of a cold blooded Duke Kingstien. Her mother died from childbirth and the Duke take her in. The Duke and The Duchess are just couple bound by contract but the Duchess gave birth to a daughter and have a faction in the high society. Though the Duke take the girl in, he bare...

  • Dote on My Son The Most
    88.9K 3.7K 9

    A Queen who is not favored by the King is reborn. Look at her thin and bullied son lovingly. "From now on, Mother will dote on you." (A fluffy sort of Story of a Mother who wishes to dote on her son the most after dedicating her past life for her husband but still get neglected.)

  • Daily Life of Princess Isherjane
    7.5K 392 4

    Silvermoon Kingdom is ruled by a benevolent King. This King is known for his Kindness, generosity and also his wise leadership. His only downfall is his own daughter Isherjane Silvermoon. Born from an arrange marriage of the King and the Viscount's daughter. Isherjane is not cared by the Queen and because of the King'...

  • I Reincarnated in Otome Game but I Don't Care (Indefinitely Onhold)
    362K 13.2K 52

    Seya Plauvendure is the name of a Villainess Character in the Otome game her sister played over and over and over again giving her a headache since she shared a room with her.Her dizziness and fatigue due to cramming late at night for the upcoming test make her muddle headed that day and that caused her fall--well,the...

  • The Start of World's End : Power House (Stopped)
    1.4K 121 5

    The Start of World's End : Gathering of Powerful Husbands Iona almost lost her life once but she heard a prediction of a fortune teller that there is going to have a terrible event and water will flood the place she will be going to. Not that she believes a fortune teller but it makes her feel creepy and decided not t...

  • I'm Done Chasing My Brother
    8.9K 588 5

    Angela is done chasing his genius brother. Whatever she does, how much effort she gives, nothing is good enough. She can't catch up no matter how much she struggles. In the middle of her 30's she realize how shallow and how empty is her life. All she ever did is chase a genius afterall. She finally decided to have a n...

  • My Brother is A Siscon, Husband be strong!
    15.1K 503 7

    When her grandfather died, the first thing that she did was to run away. Her Brother is an excessive sis-con who literally desire is to hide her from the world because she was too precious. She ask her Brother's friend to marry her but he refuse. He should not be involve after that...only, that girl is persistent.

  • Awkward Girl and Her Slaves (Indefinitely Onhold)
    2.7K 164 9

    The girl in her teens is very quiet and rarely communicates that she's always misunderstood. She's reincarnated, or rather,she's been transferred to another world before she breath her last. Her awkward and a little twisted understanding about human interaction is a barrier for her everyday.She struggle but she can'...

  • Reborn As The Arrogant Villainess (JUST WHUT?!)
    30.1K 1.5K 12

    There is a rising novel about a cleche story about a Hero who has lost his cultivation due to poison and lost everything. His Clan treating him badly and his fiancee leaving him behind. People try putting him down but he found a cheat ability and his cultivation sky rocket. He become a genius feared by many. Those who...

  • God's Foster Daughter
    18.7K 854 8

    Regretting life where she trusted and showed kindness. Hera is given a chance to a new life. She will now try living in another world where she cannot be hurt, cannot be hungry, cannot be upset....wait? Huh? This is her being alienated by human because of her status as the God's foster daughter.