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    Do you want to be a member of this honorable community? As a member, you stand to gain wonderful benefits from this club...Just fill the form inside and when you get an acceptance message, you are a member. IT'S THAT EASY!

  • WATT-AFRICAN AWARDS 2020 ||#Wattyafrica(Closed for Judging)
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    Welcome to the first WATT-AFRICAN AWARDS, Hosted by @Watt-Africa. By Africans, for Africans. Open(✔) Judging(✔) Closed()

  • #WABC|| Watt-Africa Book Club
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    Book clubs aren't all about books right? Sometimes we need to just let lose and catch fun, relax and cool the end. Don't forget our popular idiom that, "All Work And No Play Make Writers Full of Writers Block". Lol, yes, I know it's not the correct one, but who cares? We're just catching fun and that is what Watt-Af...