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  • Sapphire Storm and the Muse of Misfortune
    59 6 4

    Sapphire Storm was used to being in weird scenarios. She'd been created from the consequences of a wish; shared a body with two other girls; was forced to reconnect with those same girls after being apart for almost a year and a half, the three then being forced to try and destroy the Multiverse by its Embodiment. She...

  • Fractured | Ninjago AU
    11.1K 831 36

    "Sometimes what's broken isn't as broken as you think." ~*~*~*~ Master Wu's School for Self-Discovery. A school for the broken. Six people, totally different, all with their own problems in their lives. What seems like a horrible idea, smashing together a bunch of jagged people, becomes one of the most powerful thing...

  • Broken- DreamNotFound/ Gream
    28.2K 1.3K 46

    Dream was thrown into a game of life or death. Only one person could survive, only one person could come out of the bloodbath with their life. The rules were simple. Save yourself. Don't care for anyone. Don't die. But he couldn't follow the rules anymore. Because George was there, thrown into the arena just like hi...

  • Mistakes (A Percabeth Mortal AU)
    2.3K 57 10

    Annabeth has been ignoring her friends lately and spending time with Luke Castellan, the school's resident player. What happens when the two start to date? This is based on the story 'Forgotten Mistakes' by animateTheWords. Credit of a bit of the plot goes to him/her. DISCLAIMER:- I don't own the characters from the p...

  • ~ Ninja Stories From the Heart ~ Ninjago Oneshots and Fun!
    1.1K 113 22

    Ninjago oneshots, headcanons, and general shenanigans, brought to you by me: TitaniumNinjasGirl! Pop in for a quick oneshot or headcanon, but beware of the angst and fluff! They're everywhere! Cover by @goldenflame7

  • Remember me
    56 8 2

    Percy gets captured again, "what a shocker" by the evil goddess Nyx. The seven go and try to fined Percy, (like always) but when they try to save him they lose their memorie of being demigods. With Percy being the only one that remembers, will he be able to get back his friends memories, and destroy Nyx.

    173 48 4

    HENLO EVERYONE!! Hope you'll are doing well....... This is my first story on Wattpad "THE INFECTED WORLD OF UNDEADS" Basically, this story is based on my dream which I used to saw 4 years ago and A story of two siblings who are unknown to their strange superpowers which generate only when they're enrage...

  • Hourglass
    168 61 8

    Naomi Hourglass is outcasted, but she doesn't mind, she likes being alone, it gives her more time to think about the future. She's not just thinking about her future though. She's thinking about it in general. When she was a little girl, she was adopted by Grandfather Clock and his friends, claiming she'd be the "Chos...

  • Sidewalk Chalk | Phillidosia
    503 37 17

    Phillip lives with his father, Alexander Hamilton, a lawyer and author, and his mother, who is a Kindergarten Teacher. Theodosia lives with her father, Aaron Burr, a doctor. Her mother died while she was young. Aaron Burr and Hamilton have a bad history from high school. But what happens when their children meet in mi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Seven Day To Live
    159 17 9

    Alexander Hamilton received a note from a mister James Reynolds telling him to meet him by the JFK airport on October 21. The bottom of the page had the words 'King George Company' a terrorist group from ten years ago. He has seven days to live, seven days to set it right, seven days to complete the task and keep his...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Celestials of Tomorrow
    563 54 16

    If a man who looked like Indiana Jones walked up to you, claimed he was from the future, and said he needed your help, what would you do? Well, personally I would run. But this isn't my story, now is it? Anna Roderick, the stealthy vigilante. Christian Wood, the tech genius. Ace Smith, the runaway thief. Oliver Fields...

  • roommates; solangelo
    129K 4.5K 71

    (ongoing, unedited)Nico di Angelo is at major risk of losing his apartment, so he decides to get a roommate. For the most part, Nico didn't believe in fate. Until, for some twist of fate, he chose William Solace to fill the position of roommate. Because of that chance of fate, Nico's life changed and while Will was...

  • Pjo songfics/one-shots
    144 18 3

    Percy Jackson songfics, one-shots, and parodies

  • Olympus Academy (Soon To Be Published)
    13.9M 459K 77

    ◤ SEMIDEUS SAGA #01 ◢ Semideus - demigod, a half-immortal child of a God or Goddess. Abigail Young is a student recently expelled from her previous school. It only took a day for her world to change. As a new member of Olympus Academy, the first school to house Filipino demigods, she has to cope quickly with t...

  • The Marauders: Year One | #Wattys2016
    4.6M 234K 202

    Moony. Wormtail. Padfoot. Prongs. Their adventures were the stuff of Hogwarts legend. But there are untold stories, stories that only the four of them know. Come along and discover the true tale of the Marauders of Hogwarts... #Wattys2016

  • Heart by Heart (Percy Jackson fanfic) ( (Completed)
    46K 2.3K 32

    Annabeth left letters in her highschool library six years ago to anyone who found them. Percy was that anyone. The last one told him to live for her. And so he did. Percy is now a famous musician and Annabeth's an aspiring author. What happens when these two meet for the first time by accident and realize just how muc...