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  • NightBerry one shots (REQUESTS OPEN)
    8.8K 303 24

    Contains my version of Blue which is linked with a wolf demon thing named Chem. Please don't give hate and say "you didn't give an oc warning" cuz here it fucking is

  • No Love Rested (ClassicLustBerry)
    9.4K 297 5

    Lust had been suicidal for 3 years. Everyone had stopped trusting him. Lust thinks no one loves him, no one trusts him. When Lust decides it would be better to end his own life- well His plans don't go as planned.

  • secret rock star
    860 22 6

    all sanses, swap chara,Swap papyrus and frisk they were all looking for blueberry because he been missing for couple years they didn't give up on finding blueberry will the gang find blueberry will they convince searching finding blue bring him home or blueberry will be forever missing

  • Nightberry (Nightmare x Blueberry)
    10.1K 315 7

    Nightmare x Blueberry! don't like the ship? what are you doing here then?! anyway Nightmare gets a hold of the liquid version of a negativity apple and forces Blueberry to have it. Nightmare starts to feel bad about it and tries to mend what was broken. no sin unless you count kissing as a sin art by me!

  • I'll love you even when you can't (Dustberry)
    15.2K 632 36

    Blue had been living with his friends from the star sanses for ages, they all cared for each other. Until one day they found out Blue had depression, Dream was supportive but could do nothing against Ink who saw Blue as an attention whore. Blue ended up running when Ink got abusive towards him for hating himself, but...

  • Dustberry (Yeet) *Discontinued*
    26.1K 767 31

    *insert good description here* Also, Dust and Blueberry belong to their rightful owners

  • shattered dream x reader dark gold love [discontinued]
    229 8 3

    ya u going to have a goooooooood time with him~ ;)

  • Cómics Undertale Traducciones Yaoi -FINALIZADO
    4M 82.4K 145

    Hola a todos, en este libro encontrarán una variedad de cómics de Undertale y de sus diferentes AUS con un contenido Yaoi (chico x chico o chico x cosa... quién sabe) La mayoría de los cómics son de contenido sexual explícito, así que si no te gusta este tipo de historias... bueno ya sabes que hacer o3o

    Completed   Mature
  • Underswap!Papyrus X Underswap!Sans (Contains Sexual Content And Crude Language)
    75.3K 708 8

    This story is based on a small comic i read, comic goes to original creator, i don't own the picture as the cover nor the comic. this is a smut story so fite me. 😑😎😲😒😡