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  • CEO Of The Left Brain
    326 15 12

    Olivia Park is a businesswoman, constantly trying to figure out where she can excel with her company. But that's the problem: All she does is excel in her business. Outside of that, she doesn't know how to function in her day to day life. With the help of her family, friends, and maybe even a couple of 'admirers' wil...

  • What's Yours Is Mine (SLOW UPDATES)
    3.5K 120 19

    "when the pain passes, you eventually see how much good came out of a bad situation." my works #1. Harmonee Zenobìa Brown has already been through enough. And Nay'quan "Solo" doesn't make it any better by arguing and beating her when she offends him or when he feels obligated to. He makes her feel unworthy and althou...

  • To Love the Wild
    401 84 16

    Crimson is lost. Following the death of her mother, an event that tears her family apart, she turns to solitude and the quiet wilds of Alaska to soothe her troubled soul. Having lived in Alaska for three years, Crimson begins to feel whole again, comforted by the simplicity. But things begin to change when she meets...

  • Secretly Filmed (Editing)
    3.9K 199 6

    After being with her drug-addicted birth mother for nearly two years, Zara is elated to be moving out and into university. Taking her another step closer to rebuilding her life and accepting her past. But her plans get derailed when the obsession of a stalker turns sinister. Violating her and putting it online for the...

  • The one & A no one
    1.8K 486 25

    Most humans are born with one of the nine types of magic. However less than a handful of them are born with no magic at all. When Racheal; who is one of those few people finds a baby abandoned near the enchanted spring, she assumes that they were alike and the child had no magic either. That single encounter paves the...

  • Camouflaged chaos
    385 36 11

    Camouflage: conceal or disguise the presence of something; in this case we have a person's character in disguise. *** Rewrite of 'Her Copper Disguised as Gold' Camouflaged chaos is a racism awareness story that follows the life of Naomi Mayan, a Black...

  • Bane of Luxury
    916 212 18

    As a direct blood descendant of the affluent and influencial Ikenga clan, Novah is a princess with everything, yet she has to fight for it, the acceptance and recognition. With a past like hers she could be the second option, but she's determined to get, every single dime of what is hers. In the gold and crystals she...

  • Modelling Promise
    1.2K 146 17

    Enslavement. Lies. Torture. He seeks out the vulnerable and she has unwillingly put herself centre stage. ⚠ This book is rated mature.⚠ Themes covered: sexual assault, kidnapping, violence and strong language. This book was written solely for Wattpad. All rights are reserved.