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  • Broken Angel
    75.1K 4.4K 40

    My another TaeTee Fanfic. I hope you guys love it too. All the characters and story lines are my own imaginations. If you have any uncomfortable with this story please let me know. Angst, Mature, self harm, self hater and M-prag alert. I won't warn you guys so If you are not comfortable with this. Don't read it. If y...

  • Love At First (Phayo X Tincan)
    7.7K 301 22

    phayo and tincan

    Completed   Mature
  • Desire
    597 74 2

    Don't read it, if you are not more than 18. And Obviously it is an KimCopBas story. I hope you guys like this story too na. It's a one shot. I will update more Chapter if it earn a lots of readers. Now let's keep it as an one shot.

  • OURS
    5.9K 515 11

    When 2 alphas mated and then they needed an omega to bear the fruits of their love

    Completed   Mature
  • The Real Me
    17.5K 1.4K 21

    Omegaverse with 2moons characters (not my characters, just the plot) Ming is CEO of his late father's company, he looks like an alpha, he acts like an alpha, he dress like an alpha, he is an omega. Mingpha-Phaming

  • I'll Try To (Not)Forget You(Mpreg)
    12.2K 798 12

    What if it's not beam who asked that night "Do him"....?? What if it's forth who asked beam to "Do him".....?? Wanna know what's going on, just read. Top beam don't read if it's not your cup of tea. Mpreg yes forth will be the pregnant one Don't read if you don't want to. Last not the least in this story beam is no...

  • The Unloved | BeamForth
    21.5K 1K 12

    Being unloved for the whole life, Beam finds peace in his husband Forth... But what happen when he feel the betrayal.. "I was just using you" Forth "But you love me" Beam "Never.. in my life" Forth . . . . picture credit goes to the original photographer.. it's just a fan fiction characters borrowed from @chiff...

  • Mates (COMPLETED)
    109K 6.6K 62

    Just another werewolf story. "I, Forth Jaturapoom Jamornhum soon-to-be Alpha of BloodMoon Pack rejects you Beam Baramee the omega as my mate" as soon as this words echoed in the dark attic, it felt as hundreds of needle pierced my heart.I let out a scream of pain while clenching my chest. But he din't even look at me...

    Completed   Mature
  • Scrubs [2 Moons Series]
    63.3K 3.1K 20

    Hospital intern, Wayo was accepted at Khanthapat University Hospital to prove his worth to save lives. But when General Surgeon, Phana returned from his sabbatical leave together with Doc Pring would Wayo be able to save his own heart from falling again? A series of hospital drama and rom-com awaits! Let's imagine i...

  • He Will never Love me
    9.9K 829 27

    This is an alpha omega story ....this is first time I am writing something so kindly please forgive me for my mistakes and as english is not my first language sorry for my ridiculous english sorry for all grammatical mistakes or spelling mistake going to be there in story... all the photos and character used is not mi...

    23.7K 1.7K 19

    Forth David Jaturapoom, a well known Mafia of Solar Gang. Ruthless, Cold, Cruel and Scary at the same time, find his interest in one orphan guy named Beam Baramee. He did something which made Beam to left him and when he found Beam again then it was not only Beam but their two year old Son Akira too. Akira is Be...

  • √ • From Hate To Love (TinCan)
    79.2K 3.6K 25

    Can was forced by his family to marry the wealthy Tin. He was repulsed to marry the man. People told horrible tales about the man named Tin Medthanan. During their time together Can saw a side of Tin that he learned to love, something he never thought possible. He later falls head over heels with his husband. He lea...

    Completed   Mature
    39.2K 1.3K 64

    Kengkla didn't really care about Techno, he just saw him as another person who complimented his cooking skills, and the soccer teams captain, yet one day he found himself falling in love with him, he found himself wanting to be with him forever. Techno knows he's just someone else that compliments Kengkla's food, but...

    Completed   Mature
  • All Out Of Love
    66.9K 2.7K 19

    "P'No, you got to be my boyfriend, P. You need to take responsibility for what you've done with me. Better still, how about you just marry me? Yes, I have decided. We should get married, right away." said Kengkla while giving an innocent smile and earnest look to Techno. "Er... Kla... This.... It's just an accident...

    12.1K 888 23

    These days Forth loves to punish Ming . Ming loves to be punished by P'Forth ! What is the punishment ? Nobody knows .. "P'Forth please... !!" Ming pleads in between his rushed breath . "no ! don't you dare to ." Forth smirks . "ahhhhh ..." Ming pleads again "I can't .. please P' .."

  • I Got The Kids
    170K 16.3K 28

    Beam drops Forth in the side of the soccer field. "Don't worry, I got the kids. Just notify me when you done." he says. "Thanks, Beam, you're the best." Forth says. "I'll treat you dinner." He will have soccer match: Electrical Engineering vs Mechanical Engineering. Beam nods. The window of the back seat rolled down...

  • Cute is Under-rated
    35.5K 3.2K 12

    This is the third book of TOYFRIEND universe. That universe consists of 3 books (which can read separately): 1. ToyFriend (ForthBeam & MingPha/PhaMing) 2. L in the morning (L a.m) (ParkLam) 3. Cute is Under-rated (this book) This is a crack-pair work by the way. It's YoKit by BassCop. * Just after Wayo told Ming that...

  • √ • EDITING FOR TYPOS Peraya One-shots [18+]
    92.6K 3.2K 27

    mature one-shots. Rated: 18+ Sotus characters belong to Bittersweet! All photographs and other pictures belong to their rightful owners! Goblin poem belongs to Christina rossetti.

    Completed   Mature
  • Mismatch
    65.7K 4.3K 30

    He was late for his first day of SOTUS and that was when everything went downhill

  • We Are Meant To Be
    51K 3.6K 30

    This is a Pha/Beam story Pha and Beam have been together since childhood and loved each other for almost as long. They are confident in their love but when outside forces try to tear them apart will they be able to hold strong or crumble under pressure. This is the second story in the ghost ship series. The first is...

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Marriage (M-preg)
    84.1K 5.3K 86

    Arthit and kongpob wedding. involves their wedding life with family drama. My own story of "wedding" (forth-ming) translation into (peraya version) "our marriage"

  • Mistake
    21.2K 907 8

    A drunken mistake can become something beautiful. This is a fictional story based on the characters of the 2 Moons novel. All the characters belong to the author, Chiffon_cake! Photo credits to original uploader. I only used it to make the cover! This is my first fan fiction on Wattpad! I've written one other story...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Better Half (Completed)
    71.1K 2.4K 10

    Krist and Singto are newly married couple and their marriage is arranged marriage. How to be they closed to each other after that. Their real life started when they fall in love. Lets checkout my story.

  • It's Only The Heat [TharnType 18+]
    497K 22.3K 51

    Tharn is hopelessly in love with his childhood best friend, Type. At least, he thought it was hopeless, until the Moon blessed him by making Type his mate. Type is looking forward to finding out who is mate is. But when he discovers his mate is not only a male, but also his best friend, Type rejects the idea of having...

    Completed   Mature
  • Of A Crush And A First Love
    66.7K 4K 31

    [completed] What if the incidents with Beam and Wayo happened a little differently? Before them, there was Forth and Phana. ---- Loosely based on the events in '2 moons the series'.

    Completed   Mature
  • My King (Completed)
    1.1K 92 1

    Tae wants Thanit as his mate. But Thanit wants nothing to do with Tae. Thanit's sole purpose is to be there for his pack or so he thought.

    Completed   Mature
    16.1K 983 18

    "I'm attracted to girls with big boobiess" "I'm neither a girl, nor i have boobies" "I know, when did i even say I'm attracted to you" "Forthhh, i fvckin hate you" "I still will love you baby" "Love my ass" "That too baby" dangggg ForthPha story is outt (COMPLETED) This is a side story from my book "New Year Wish" ...

    Completed   Mature
  • 3Way (Completed)
    2.3K 124 1


    Completed   Mature
  • The Heart, Mind n Soul
    22K 1.9K 39

    A lil story of boyfriends, hopelessly romantic. I Love you Tae Darvid. I Love You so much. I Love you Thanitt Ithpatt. I Love You so much. Mew embraced them in his arms "See only you two fit in my arms perfectly.."

    Completed   Mature
  • My Soulmate Is My Best Friend
    4.7K 327 4

    Yo and Ming are best friends. But after attending a drinking party and playing Seven Minutes in Heaven, Yo starts feeling things that he shouldn't towards Ming. I'm on a 2 Moons ghostship roll. Fight me. :P