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  • Second Chance
    1.5K 44 10

    A different world where there is a chance for happiness. Shinji becomes an EVA pilot, and works alongside Rei and Kaworu, and soon some others. Gendo, Ritsuko and Naoko fight to protect the world from the Human Instrumentality Project, which was presented by Yui. OC comes in a later point of the story. I DO NOT OWN AN...

  • Godzilla X Neon Genesis Evangelion
    20.1K 314 9

    Set in an AU of Evangelion 2.22, mysterious events leads the already Angel prepared NERV to face a new enemy. An enemy that is Earth's answers to the Angels and Humanity's Evangelions, as The King of the Monsters has awoken to show both humanity and the Angel's that planet Earth has a god of their own. As you can not...

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Forever Intertwined
    14.6K 260 34

    My variation of a second season of Neon Genesis Evangelion. I will include O.C. Characters that may or may not steal the show. Just thought I should warn you. This will take place immediately following the 3rd Impact and will combine inspirations from the Rebuild of Evangelion movies. Enjoy.

  • Doctor Who: The Evangelion Error (Book One)
    260K 8.5K 74

    Stranded on a parallel Earth, the Tenth Doctor finds himself mentoring a traumatized child soldier enlisted in a hopeless war to save humanity. With an endless number of mysteries in sight -- from the enigmatic alien invaders they call Angels, to the strange machines known as Evangelions used in the planet's defense...

  • Evangelion: The New World
    2.1K 34 10

    Hey Everyone This Is My Idea With An Evangelion Fanfiction I Got This Idea After Watching Evangelion 3.33 And Well I Have My Own Idea For How The Series Can End. And No I Wont Be Like "OHTHEYBETTERPUTMYFANFICINTHECANONORILLHATETHEMFORLIFEBLAHBLAHBLAH" Cause In All Honesty I Made This As A Fun Project, Basically My Sto...