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  • The Billionaire's Wife √
    14K 877 35

    Lexus Clark Salvatore still enjoying his bachelor life. He doesn't do love only fuck. Until his father called and said he needs to marry Celeste Hara Villamore. He was just pretending at first, until he didn't notice that he's already falling. -The Billionaire's Wife-

    Completed   Mature
    4.9K 1K 56

    (On-going) ° Pro ° | Diamond Velasquez Montenegro | >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Diamond Velasquez Montenegro = " I falling in love with a man who forget me and our relationship. " Kelleon Santiago Buenaventura = " Please forgive me for forget you, forget about the relationship between us. " Dia...

  • Unconscious
    1.9K 538 10

    I Don't Know, I Didn't Do It, I Didn't Murder Anyone, I-I'm Unconscious

  • Hey, Crush! Be Mine
    12.6K 1.4K 30

    Synclair Rousell Oribiada is Lailou Fleurica Altamirandi's ultimate crush. She's not really a totally great stalker of him. Until one day, she made a decision that will change her life. Maybe? She confess to him using a video through social media, Messenger to be exact. What would be it's consequences? Will Synclair l...

  • We Were (We Series #1)
    11.9K 7.5K 33

    Maria Aileen Ayala was just living her life as she wishes it to be. She was clear with her ambitions - persistent and uncontrollable. She was ideal. She was the girl people would always remember like she was imprinted in anyone's memory. But she was forgotten... By the love of her life... Pierre Oliver Lacson. Will...

  • It Doesn't Matter 💕 [Completed]
    11.3K 1.6K 52

    The story revolves with Marina Deogracias, a 51-year old widow who falls in love with Jeffrey Samartino, a 27-year old CEO and her daughter's ex-fiance. "IT DOESN'T MATTER" Story by: Jelo Braga 📌 Completion date: April 6. 2021

  • Sinful Heaven 🔥 [Completed]
    287K 3.1K 63

    Miggy was married to Francine for two years and had an affair with Vera, Francine's best friend. He thought they could easily hide it, but it turns out to be the worst mistake of his life.

    Completed   Mature
  • 𝐁𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐲 𝐂𝐢𝐭𝐲 (on going)
    22 3 1

    Expect the unexpected! Life is full of surprises. No one can predict the future. On what will gonna happen today, later and tomorrow. A simple vacation will have a survival adventure.

  • Tahanan ng mga Tula
    276 221 6

    Unang-una sa lahat, lahat na ipapaskil ko rito ay aking mga gawa/akda. Isa pa lamang akong baguhang manunulat at hangad ko na sa pamamaraang ito ay mas mahubog pa aking kakayahan sa pagsusulat. Narito ako para matuto at magbahagi ng aking mga piyesa. Hangad ko sa darating na bukas ay makakuha ako ng suporta. Lubos po...

  • Daddy's Secret Affection
    12.2K 390 9

    Max can't resist his strange feelings after seeing his dad's hot body for the first time. When he turned 18, there's a fateful event happened between them which became unpleasant...not until it his dad's new favorite desire. Would their secrets remain unknown or will Max become his dad's affair? Be the witness of thei...

  • Dashwood Academy : The Hidden Twin
    350 133 4

    'Isang kapalaran ang haharapin ngunit sasalungat sa nakatakda Paano nga ba ito haharapin? ilang buhay ang magsasakripisyo?upang katotohanan ay mailathala? kadiliman ba ang magwawagi?... ©angeelsbabyz •2020•

  • Death Note
    1.6K 1K 5

    When you found a 'not so ordinary notebook', will you pick it? When someone died because of your own intentions, will you feast? If you think that our world is unfair, what will you do? Join the Mystique Club as they solve the case of the mysterious killings in their country. Will they be able to find the killer? Or...

  • Fool, Frail Heart || Ongoing
    1K 585 21

    She used to be the dugyot at parang kulang sa paligo before. That was five years ago. Kaya nga wala siyang napala sa crush na crush niyang campus heartthrob dati na si Stephen Stonward. On that certain day she confessed her feelings towards him but all that she got was embarrassment and rejection sa gitna ng maraming...