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  • Oh, Captain! ━ Cedric Diggory
    405K 22.2K 63

    ❛ so get angry! ❜ in which she wants to be quidditch captain, and one annoyingly perfect boy is standing in her way. cedric diggory / oc. prisoner of azkaban - deathly hallows. i do not own harry potter or any canon characters. i only my original characters and...

  • The Soulmates {Cedric Diggory x Reader}
    550K 16.6K 94

    An overprotective brother who happens to have a cute best friend... what could go wrong? It all starts with a jersey, from my brothers best friend. But will it end with the third task? ~ Previously Known As: (Old Title) Started With A Rumor ~ All rights go to you and J.K Rowling.... I own nothing except a few characte...

  • Going Unnoticed || Cedric Diggory
    721K 19.8K 19

    {completed - UNDER EDITING} ❝It's sad that many people won't get to realise this❞ She was going unnoticed, quite happily, until Cedric Diggory stormed into her life with a charming smile and a slip of parchment for the Goblet of Fire. They're only dragons, right?

  • Too Shy To Tell You (Cedric Diggory x Reader)
    789K 20.9K 22

    (Y/N) Middlebrook was terribly excited for her fourth year at Hogwarts. But at the same time she was extremely anxious. This year was the year she wanted to tell her crush she was hopelessly in love with him. But how? Cedric Diggory. He was practically unattainable. Not to mention the unspoken rule about Hufflepuffs a...

  • Smile - Cedric Diggory
    615K 16.9K 35

    Cedric Diggory has just started his sixth year at Hogwarts with his best friend by his side. He's excited for another year of Quidditch and finally learning how to Apparate. Until he learns that this year Hogwarts will be hosting the Triwizard Tournament. He immediately knows that he would do anything to compete as Ho...

  • My Prince || Cedric Diggory text story ||
    940 42 11

    A story how Esmeé Moulin who happened to have a crush on Cedric Diggory ends up warming up to him just through texts. Includes; Pictures/texts/and POVS

  • DUSK; Cedric Diggory
    741K 20.6K 63

    when a girl from Ilvermorny accidentally sends a picture to a flustered boy in Hufflepuff. a social medic x real life fanfic; cedric diggory