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  • Tainted Series # 10 : The Ruthless Billionaire (SELF PUBLISHED)
    207K 2.4K 9

    WARNING: R-18 l MATURE CONTENT l SPG l VERY SEXUAL l READ RESPONSIBLY He is ruthless and untamed. He is cold, strict, and dangerous. Victorious and deadly. Nobody dared to mess with him. He is one of the most sought-after billionaires of his generation. He is Knoxx Wolfert Sarmiento. A ruthless billionaire like him on...

  • Tainted Series # 9 : The Billionaire's Regret (KNIGHT WHARTON SARMIENTO)
    326K 19.3K 48


    Completed   Mature
  • Tainted Series # 8 : The Billionaire's Wife (TRISTAN ANGELO GONZALES)
    541K 3.5K 8

    WARNING: R-18 l MATURE CONTENT l SPG l VERY SEXUAL l READ RESPONSIBLY I never knew I could feel so much pain and yet be so in love with the same person causing it. Ezra Monique grow up being independent. She was never valued. Her accomplishments were never recognized. She's always in a shadow of her older sister, seco...

    Completed   Mature
  • WANDERLUST: Romance in F Minor
    5M 313K 63

    To Kade Sanford Black, falling for his best friend Xanthie Lorenz, a serious and drop-dead handsome songwriter, was a line he did not want to cross. Knowing all too well the huge possibility of losing the only person who could see through him, he took a step back and put a distance to sustain their friendship - especi...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 25: Reigo Vasquez
    18.6M 1M 74

    Struggling with commitments, savage and independent Zehannah Sevil is ready to be single for the rest of her life. But as she continuously crosses paths with cheeky Reigo Vasquez, she suddenly finds herself breaking all her rules. *** Repeatedly left behind by her ex-boyfriends, Zehannah Sevil promises to protect her...

    Completed   Mature
  • Damon's Possession
    151K 5K 43

    "Itinuring na kitang akin buhat noong una kitang masilayan. At ngayong nasa mga bisig na kita, wala ka nang magiging kawala pa dahil akin ka lang. Lagi mong tatandaan na pagmamay-ari ng isang Damon Salvador ang isang Phoenix Specter. I will possess your heart, mind and body, forever..." - Damon Salvador *R18 *NOT SUIT...

    Completed   Mature
  • Achilles' Heel
    2.3M 73.4K 45

    Levi is a notorious playboy; women around him would beg for his attention, that's until he finds himself kissing a woman who happens to be a nun. For the first time in his entire perfect life, he couldn't look at any other girl and is determined to find the nun who suddenly makes him go crazy. *** Levi Achilles though...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tainted Series # 5 : The Billionaire's Secret (Simone Jose Dela Vega)
    554K 23.1K 47

    WARNING: R-18 l MATURE CONTENT l SPG l VERY SEXUAL l READ RESPONSIBLY Sometimes letting go is the best choice. It will be painful but it will be worth it. Belle Marie Saavedra was still young when she met Simone Jose Dela Vega, the happy-go-lucky brother of her bestfriend. The young bachelor is living the life to i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tainted Series#7 : The Billionaire's Temptation ( Gaden Lucas Montenegro)
    497K 3.3K 8

    WARNING: R-18 l MATURE CONTENT l SPG l VERY SEXUAL l READ RESPONSIBLY After losing her family in a tragic accident, Adrianna Averleigh Mijares was left to put her life back together. She was left with a family whom he thought would give her love and care but none of them happened. She was being hated, considered riva...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 24: Ream Oliveros
    14.3M 840K 58

    When the honest and kind Ream Oliveros crosses paths with Syl, he thought he finally met his woman. But he can't be more wrong when he finds out his supposed woman is married- and he unknowingly became her illicit lover. *** Ream Oliveros is a self-made man- honest, kind, and reliable. One night in Bali makes him thin...

    Completed   Mature
    5.2M 245K 76

    When Attorney Raiven Valiz finds himself in trouble with one of his cases, his life is threatened and a bounty is put on his head. To protect him, the government sends the dazzling and charming Scout Ranger Keiran Sanford. He's exceptionally good at his work and he's a good cook...except that he's the same guy Raiven...

    Completed   Mature
  • HG 2: Sounds of Submission
    3.9M 166K 39

    A girl who found serenity in a place where she unexpectedly falls in love with a man that shows her what it feels like to be his in a very sensual way. *** Ataliana del Rio is known for her alluring beauty and for being smart. Most of the girls at her age used to adore her and the boys always admired her. But the appr...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Billionaire's Club #1: THE BLIND BILLIONAIRE (Completed)
    400K 6K 18

    Sa sobrang galit ni Audric dahil iniwan siya mismo sa araw ng kasal nila ng girlfriend niyang si Ivony, ang kababatang si Ffion ang hinarap niya sa altar upang maging asawa niya. Gusto niyang iparamdam sa babae na kahit isa na siyang bulag, kaya niyang maghanap ng pamalit dito. Inisip niya na madali lang turuan ang pu...

  • Restricted
    363K 3.8K 2

  • BS(Slept with a Stranger)
    1.4M 13.2K 3

  • Flying Without Wings (Del Gallego Series #1)
    99.4K 3.7K 34

    Del Gallego Series 1 Athena Eutychia Herrera is the youngest white pigeon in her clan. The sole descendant of Herrera, who was reared on an islet and groomed to be prim and proper. She has always known that because of her family's reputation, she was surrounded by pure idealism. The same reason that she was bound to f...

    Completed   Mature
  • Barako Series #11 My Macho Man (Mason Dela Fuente Story) ON-GOING
    150K 5.1K 33

    Si Capt. Mason Dela Fuente isang magiting na sundalo. Walang inuurungang laban. Kahit sa gitna ng labanan ay kaya niyang dumiskarte para umariba. Si Amelia Tuazon ay isang babaeng nangarap na makahanap ng lalaking mamahalin siya ng walang bastusan. In short gentleman ang gusto nito sa lalaking mapapangasawa. Pero sad...

  • The Silent Crying by Venice Jacobs (The Silent Duology 2)
    9.9K 596 54

    Abby had been in love with Niel for a long time, pero hindi naman makita ng binata ang nararamdaman niya. Isang nakababatang kapatid lang ang tingin nito sa kanya na hinayaan niya para makasama lang ito. Pero kinailangan ni Niel na umalis sa serbisyo bilang police officer at ayusin ang sarili. Dahil doon ay napalayo r...

    595K 3.5K 8

    WARNING: R-18 l MATURE CONTENT l SPG l VERY SEXUAL l READ RESPONSIBLY "Sorry works when a mistake is made, but not when trust is broken." Sa buhay minsan tayo'y nagkakamali, may mga desisyong hindi napag-isipan at may mga pangyayaring kailangan nating maranasan. Bata pa lang si Amethyst pangarap niya ng malibot ang mu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Isla De Kastilyo Series 2: Lost With Her
    23.2K 858 14

    ONGOING Allany Merandela. Kahit saang sulok ng Isla de Kastilyo ay kilala si Allany dahil sa taglay nitong kabaitan at naging tagapagtanggol ng buong isla laban sa mga may masasamang loob. Isang kargador na itinuring na hari ng palengke. But she's not a guy, babae siya. Babaeng titibo-tibo. Walang nagtatangkang kumala...

    533K 5.3K 8

    **💜Full story available on Dreame💜** Follow me there @ Ingrid de la Torre "The CEO is willing to pay 5 million in cold cash... for a one-night stand with the Substitute Fiancee." Alpheus San Madrid, CEO of Sandrid Ventures Inc., had always been brutally elusive. He wasn't the type to be easily seduced. But it took...

    Completed   Mature
    26.8M 445K 43

    Shiela tried her best to be civil with Magnus, her one-night stand--after all, they have twins to take care of. But when circumstances bring them together, will this be a chance to make them acknowledge the growing feelings they have for each other? *** Growing up in a conservative family, Shiela Mariano believed in t...

  • The Governor's Wife (New Edition)
    2.5M 76.9K 53

    Political erotic-romance story. For adults only. Read warning first before proceeding. Published book contains bonus scenes that are not included in Wattpad version.

    Completed   Mature
  • THANOS (Montediajo Series 1)
    39.1K 1.6K 7

    He's wild, dangerous, and a killer. Our clan always compete in the field of Mafia. I love him. I love him despite the turmoil of our clan. The love that he can never reciprocate but only the fire of my desire .

    2.9M 50K 52

    Trond Knudsen's arrogance is challenged when he meets the idealistic Filipina, Ysay Vergara. With attitudes and beliefs clashing--and hearts despising each other from the very beginning--will love still be possible between these two polar opposites? *** Trond Knudsen's unannounced arrival to reclaim his house becomes...

    Completed   Mature
    2.3M 47.3K 24

    NORDIC SERIES #2 (PUBLISHED BY PHR) ********** THE PRINTED COPY IS AVAILABLE ON SHOPEE, LAZADA, AND ALL NATIONAL BOOK STORES NATIONWIDE. ********** Cover from WattpadPabalatPH in collaboration with Wattpad Stars Program PH ********** Kuwento ito ni Leigh, ang kaibigan ni Ysay Vergara ng My Nordic God. The book is avai...

    Completed   Mature
  • GET NAKED (Hubaderos Book 1: Neo)
    10.3M 193K 47

    Erotic romance. For mature readers. Completed in Wattpad for a LIMITED TIME, bonus scenes are included in the published book. Book is available at P179.00 each.

    Completed   Mature
  • ✔Seducing #4 The Hot Professor :Miguel Tudao
    332K 5.2K 22

    (Completed & Unedited) Miguel Tudao a hot damn professor! She fall inlove with him for the first time. How Kimberlyn Lyndon seduce this hot one? Find out! Highest Rank: #5 Seducing (April 26, 2021) #2 Seducing (April 12, 2020) #4 Seducing (June 23, 2020) Book cover is a fan made -ctto

  • Isla Verde #2: The Sweet Escape
    5.3M 153K 53


    Completed   Mature
  • DOMINANT SERIES 9 : Intertwined (Completed) HENRIK GUSTAVVSON
    461K 17.9K 63

    WARNING: Mature Content || R18 Please be advised that this story contains mature themes and strong language. - Look, money and fame. Nasa kay Henrik Gustavvson na lahat iyon. Ang hindi lang niya makuha? Ang babaeng kahit anong gawin ay hindi siya magawang mahalin pabalik. Dumating sa buhay niya si Trinity nung mga p...