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  • When The Moon Covers The Sun
    94.1K 3.7K 51

    Losing someone important is painful, especially if that person is the one you'd promise to spend the rest of your life. When her previous girlfriend died because of a terrible incident, moonbyul lose interest in living. Not until someone came unexpectedly who suddenly change her perspective in life. Highest Rankin...

    Completed   Mature
  • For You Only [MOONSUN]
    51.9K 2K 49

    A supernatural event took place in South Korea: the Moon, needy and lonely, fell in love with the bright, warm Sun.

  • Dark Side of the Moon
    37.4K 1.4K 31

    Yongsun is living on the dark side struggling to live each day, Moonbyul is a mogul heiress who doesn't have to work a single day in her life. Can the mogul heiress live up to her name? Can she be the star that shines a light at a person who only knows her life like an eclipse, alone and lonely.

  • I Hate You, I Love You
    68.4K 2.1K 19

    A nerd student named Solar was bullied by MoonByul. One day, she met Hwasa, who is secretly inlove with Wheein.

  • Wild Rose//Moonsun//
    12.8K 305 6

    || they called her the wild rose,but her name was Moon Byulyi ||

  • Killer Feelings || Wheesa
    4.4K 237 3

    Ahn Hyejin is a serial killer under the name, "Hwasa", and makes a living out of her victims. She gets the target from her boss, "Moonbyul", and proceeds in taking out the target with her best friend, "Solar". But what happens when she can't kill one of her targets? Cover by: @J-Poppy

  • 21 days ; wheesa
    78.2K 4K 23

    ❝ make me like you. ❞ where wheein had to make hyejin fall for her. warning; lgbt+ published; 20170629 completed; 20170924 © 2017 - snowheein, tea

    10.4K 396 5

    life is tough when you are a lesbian in a house full of pretty girls.

  • lonely ; wheesa
    92.9K 6.8K 22

    "sit next to me?" © knkverse 2016

  • text me ~ moonsun
    117K 3.8K 20

    do they know who are they texting

  • Mamamoo Oneshots
    219K 4.8K 98

    Pm me or comment inside the bk what u guys want, like what kind of mamamoo ships u want me to write and i will write it! Thx for reading this, as said i decided to write mamamoo oneshots since I've never weitten one before so if the eng is bad, sorry. ^~^

  • Group Chat Room {Mamamoo}
    60.3K 2.3K 41

    A Mamamoo group chat, where shit happens Warning(s): Cursing Girl x Girl Dirty remarks Gay stuff Most Impressive Rankings: #1 - Wheesa #1 - Yongsun #1 - Moonbyulyi #2 - Wheein #2 - moonsun #3 - Hyejin #3 - Solar #8 - Mamamoo

    Completed   Mature
  • thank you, text // MAMAMOO
    11.3K 391 11

    how texting intertwines with real life, and how it effects relationships, sometimes for the better (a gc au) main pairings; moonsun wheesa [ best rankings: #2 in moonsun #1 in wheesa ]

  • Paint Me; Moonsun ✓
    18.6K 647 8

    "Paint my body." Credits to @dnthrs for the book cover and for editing the book itself

  • Moonsun- Ms Ceo
    81.3K 2.2K 17

    Moonbyul, the Ceo of the Moon company, while Hwasa, the Ceo of the Ahn Company, they are both good friends. Solar and Wheein are good friends too, one day, they want to get a job, so they did, and the job was... Read to find out~ Thx and see ya guys in the upcoming chaps, i hope that u guys r looking forward to this...

  • 35 Days Being Mine
    133K 4K 43

    "Why can't you love me back?" Byul ask with heartred "Because I hate you, I will never love you. Even you are the last man in the earth I will never gonna love you back." Yongsun answered coldly "But we will be engaged soon Yongsun." Byul said with frustration "But I don't love you!" Yongsun scream "Can you atleast tr...

  • Apologies ≼Wheesa≽ [Complete]
    31.1K 1.1K 18

    Wheein stumbles over a crack on the sidewalk while she was busy arguing with her best friend, Yongsun. The warm feel of the hot coffee that was in her hand had disappeared after her trip. In shame she kept her head low hearing a gasp from her friend beside her and a wince from in front of her. Wheein looked up to see...