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  • Two Sides Of The Same Coin
    51.3K 2.4K 15

    Izuku is orphaned at the age of four and is sent into the Japanese Foster Care System. After multiple failed attempts at finding a forever home and some unfortunate circumstance, he ends up on the streets. Eventually, the vigilante, Deku appears. Eraserhead must gain his trust to bring Deku back to the right side of t...

  • Broken but Not Shattered
    48.4K 1.7K 11

    Izuku Midoriya a quickless teenager outcasted from society. He catches the attention of a few people who are villans and heros. This young vigilante will make choses that will impact the future of the world. I dont own Mha and Not My Cover Art. Updates every Wednesday or When ever I have an idea.

  • Kizuato, the Vigilante
    131K 5.8K 44

    After being cast out by society, izuku Midoriya still strives to be a hero. After being a hero the only way he can for several years, his recognition grows and he has given many people hope, but what would happen if his biggest secret is revealed? I don't own anything, only the storyline idea is mine, I hope you enjo...

  • Eccedentesiast
    78.1K 3K 25

    Eccedentesiast Noun Someone who hides behind a fake smile, when all they want to do is hide and/or die. (Cover art is not mine, Undertale is Toby Fox's, please don't sue me I'm broke)

  • Innerworks
    220K 10.2K 97

    Because of an "Incident" Anxiety falls ill, Thomas won't speak, Logic is mad, Morality is just trying to be a good dad (they tell the best jokes) and Prince is trying to figure out what in the world is going on. Or Thomas finds out that the inner workings of his mind are far bigger and more complex than he could eve...

  • InSansity(undertale)
    5K 149 1

    (book 2/2. last book: secrecy) Sans finally reveals his past. but who is W.D Gaster?

  • Fellberry (blueberry x fell ship)
    5.3K 118 12

    This is my first ship story i have ever written and it was a request from a good friends of mine Errorink69 who is the co creater. What happens when blue ended up in underfell on accident? how will fell react when he starts having feelings for this small skeleton?

  • Little Shadows
    26.5K 965 21

    You have a twisted life, and you're in an orphanage because you're parents died in a terrible car accident...or at least that's what everyone says. You go to this annoying school called Pinecrest High. Everyday, you go to a tree to help you with your nerves. And one day, a certain skeleton saves you from certain doom...

  • Dawn of the Killer (A Nightkiller Story)
    2.1K 118 6

    When Killer is kidnapped, he thinks he's left with no hope. No hope shines through the clouds of unwavering darkness. Until Nightmare, God of Negativity, discovers Killer on one of his raids. He silently falls in love, and saves Killer. Who knows what might happen next?

  • killer x Nightmare (DISCONTINUED)
    19.7K 792 27

    (this meh first story QwQ I hope you enjoy this QwQ) WARNING: Cringey, and old

  • Blackmail. ^Dreamnoblade^
    122K 4.3K 24

    So basically blackmail.