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  • The winged deku
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    deku has wings

  • The Deku Code
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    Izuku was a quirkless kid and because of it he became the prime targets of bullies. After 10 years of being bullied his quirk finally shows itself. His quirk is beyond what he has ever imagined and is greatly versatile. Cover doesn't belong to me credit to the artist. MHA/BNHA is not my property credit to the creator.

  • Secrets' out!
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    How will class 1-A and class 1-B react to the secret relationship between Yui Kodai and Izuku Midoriya? My first fanfic so criticism is very encouraged, also I feel like this ship is insanely underrated, so for the very few people that do ship it consider this a special treat from me to you I do not MY HERO ACEDAMIA...