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  • The Children of Time
    32.3K 1.2K 74

    An insecure young man, in love with a mysterious classmate, who reveals herself to be an alien willing to do anything to save her universe, finds himself involved in a risky journey where he is the only one capable of saving an alien princess from a mortal enemy. What mysteries are hidden beyond the stars? While most...

  • Lustral || Complete
    3.7K 790 20

    Two souls on the run, manage to bump into each other on a distant planet at just the right time. ✨~✨~✨ Liri Delaney, the only child of Dubrovn planetary moguls, is accused of murder. Scouring several solar systems to find the true murderer, she runs into trouble in New Seattle. Ardon Rowe, a sweet-talking High-Draconi...

  • Echoes of the Storm
    1.4K 125 41

    A rebel double-crossed. A world fallen. And a relentless enemy who will not rest... Jack Gamble is a shattered man. His lover betrayed him. His contacts in the resistance are scattered. And his best friend may be dead. With the Galilei* Empire closing in, Jack's ship is intercepted by mercenaries under the command o...

    Completed   Mature