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  • The String Of Ink
    518 54 13

    ink has been telling himself a lie, will he find out that the lie is fake? or will he deny it? contains smut, will give warning ships: inkxerror dreamxcross killerxnightmare dustxblueberry

  • Colored Glitch
    52 4 2

    Ink and Error, two gods that go against eachother daily, but, something changed. what changed? Error's mind [not my art]

  • "Tired (ERRORINK)"
    5.6K 198 18

    WARNING •The cover ain't mine(credit goes to the owner ÙwÚ) •Self-harm •suicide attemps •Suicide thoughts •Errorink •Dustberry •cream •killermare •Me? •My severe Laziness •nightmare being nightmare •tacos •Blue •Blood (even tho you guys can't see it) •Error being a stalker •Throwing up (you guys already know what it i...

  • Tangled Strings (An Errink Fanfic)
    889 23 6

    The art for the title cover is by Pencil_loves_mm on Twitter! Creation and Destruction able to find a balance and keep peace? ...maybe.

  • '..I'm Sorry..' Ink x error[⚠️ON HOLD⚠️]
    258 12 3

    [⚠️This book is on hold for now⚠️] Ink the Protector if AU's Error the Destroyer of AU's Neither one wanted their Job's Ink was Tired of all the annoying 'Voices' telling him what to Create. At first he loved his job! being the Creator and Protector of The Multiverse... .. but.. ..As time went on every mistake he'd m...

  • Dried out Ink🖌️ (Depressed Inky)
    5.3K 306 18

    (⚠️COVER NOT MINE! I ONLY EDITED IT! CREDITS TO THE ORIGINAL ARTIST⚠️) Ink! The Creator and Protector of AU's! One of the most happiest skely ever existed in the multiverse. ... Or so we thought.. ... His Creations had gone Rotten. Now almost every AU against him. All because of some dreadful and toxic Creator's wante...

  • Highschool Of Chaos (ErrorxInk)
    11.2K 616 18

    FORGIVE THE FIRST CHAPTERS, MY WRITING WAS STILL BAD BACK THEN. Ink happily enters his second year of high school in the School for Magic Wielders but ends up having his feet on the edge, with a man of wealth ready to push his back. If it weren't for their precious deal, he would've been falling helplessly into the...

  • Distances (Errorink story)
    1K 65 16

    *COVER IS MINE* Ink and Error have always gotten into little fights here and there, but when Dream did something unforgivable to Ink, Error got furious and left Ink. But little did he know that wasn't the truth. Ink had a surprise for him, but now he will never get to see it . . . . . Dream would never do that. That...

  • ErrorInk Oneshots
    957 43 6

    just Error x Ink oneshots I'm not taking requests just yet ⚠️Warning⚠️ There will be cursing Maybe some sexual themes or scenes idk yet But there will be NO LEMONS I can't write lemons sorry sinners But I am a killer for Ink angst or Errorink angst. Either one. Will post as much as I can

  • Errink Oneshots (Fluff/Sin)
    13.5K 239 16

    Roses are red, violets aren't blue, this book is for mature audiences but has fluff too! I am a moth, I write plenty of fluff and sin for you lovely little butterflies that ship Errink! (I thought I'd be funny to make the cover some Rainbow spiderwebs I took a picture of)

  • Be Careful What You Wish For
    8.9K 271 31

    The Sanses all want their own desired, perfect lives. However, once they receive it, they realise that it's not as perfect as they had imagined... Error starts to mess up with the code of the universes and he finds out that it was a BIG mistake Sans by Toby Fox Ink!Sans by Comyet/Myebi Error!Sans by Loverofpiggies/Cr...

  • Save Me! (An ErrorInk story)
    24 3 1

    The Bad Guys are done with the short artist creating. They try to find a way to stop his creating. Soon they find an idea to stop the creating of multiple anomalies. A mysterious voice calls out to Ink, making him give into the darkness. Error has to choose a side. Good or evil? Must choose for Ink's sake or his? What...

  • Why love?
    9.5K 418 13

    "This feeling...It was exactly what he was afraid of. Exactly what he felt last time he took that vial. Love, then heartbreak. Painful, enormous heartbreak. Right now, Ink just wished he could go back to being numb, empty. Then he wouldn't have to feel anything at all, instead of feeling broken... Instead of feeling...

  • Error x ink, otp nsfw 30 day challenge
    26.3K 519 5

    Oh wow. Cool. Started 22/03/20 at 2:01 am. Oh and ink is a sub. (Mostly) Cover art by me. This book gets KiNkY!

  • Errink Oneshots! (Requests Open)
    4.3K 200 25

    You saw the title. I'm still gonna write my other Errink Book, (if don't know it, you should check it out!) but this is in case I'm feeling a little to down to write in it. I will be taken request! Just as long as they aren't lemon. At the start I've got some idea's just to get me started, but please request some! Ok...

  • Error + Ink
    2K 38 6

    Ink had a hard life she is mad angry all the time Error doesn't know.

  • Error X Ink
    8K 125 7

    this is my first time writing a Fanfic so plz don't judge if it's cringey

  • error x ink (lemon btw)
    10.5K 87 5

    sorry if i dont update and im sorry if im bad at this (',')

  • Fallen (ErrorInk)
    70.3K 2.5K 35

    I dunno wut im doing, sorry if its bad ;~; Some Background: Most alternate sanses are attending a highschool, call the school whatever you like. This takes place in an AU thats not really an AU, seeing as there are no undertale characters. There is a "Gang" in this school, it is comprised of Nightmare, Error, Cross, K...

  • Flight (Fallen Sequel) [On hiatus]
    7.3K 356 8

    {Note: This is a sequel to my book 'Fallen'. Make sure you've read that before reading this.} Ink is gone. Error struggles with that reality. His friends are no longer around to help him, and he starts to fall into darkness. He starts to lose hope. He starts to give up. But a lost soul saves him. ... It seems there is...

  • Our Love - ErrorInk Story {COMPLETED}
    10K 410 29

    After an accidental kiss, The AU guardian and Destroyer get close, and they have their ups and downs, but can they survive through all of them? Note: Also, this is a human AU, no, Ink is not a girl, they are all boys, except my OC, Art isn't mine

  • Faking the Fall (errorink)
    21.7K 808 27

    (cover is only temp and not my photo, if you know the creator please tell me so I can credit them) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Error had been there since what felt like he beginning of time. Ink couldn't even remember when Error first arrived and yet Error was always there. Error saw everything in the multiver...

  • No Strings- An ErrorInk Fic
    120K 3.9K 40

    Error isn't the type of skeleton that likes to "socialize," or "make friends." And most times, when he does, the person attempting to speak with him gets a good sock to the face. So people... respectively avoid him. He likes it better that way. His intentions are clear- he hates this school. Is he a bully? He can't te...

  • ~ Highschool Sweethearts ~ (An Errorink Fanfic ) {✔️}
    57.1K 2.2K 53

    {•Completed: September 7th, 2019•} This is Ink's first year of going to Highschool. He's not much of a popular person at school, He has very little friends, except for the two people in their little group called the "Star Sans'". As he waits for his friends to come back from talking to other students he meets someone...

  • Face your fears (Errorink)
    53.2K 1.5K 19

    Error has Haphephobia and Ink decides to help.

  • ErrorInk (Sin free)
    23.9K 575 16

    Error was sitting in Waterfall, feeling at peace for once, when ............ (( you'll have to find out. I'm not good with introductions, but I promise the story is good. ((For the love of god stop reading this its literal word vomit from elementary school))

  • Where did this come from? (Errink)
    139K 5.3K 32

    Error and Ink had been fighting for as long as they remember, but neither was ever going to win. So instead Ink decides to hold out the hand of friendship, which Error takes. But being friends won't be easy, expecially with something unexpected building up in the background. Maybe in the end they'll find that enemies...

  • Errink; Why do you care?
    101K 2.6K 24

    Error loves Ink, but he knows Ink hates him and will never love a screw up destroyer like him(or so he thought). Error ends up cutting himself from his depression. He believes nobody could or will love him. Ink knows that Error has been gone for a few weeks and he hopes that Error isn't planning anything. Yet, all he...

  • ~My Little Flower~ A MinisculeTale Error x Ink Story~
    993 39 3

    Ink is the most beloved insect in Meadowsville and is adored by everyone! But what happens when she, yes I'm making Ink a she in this one too, ventures to far into the forbidden parts of Meadowsville and meets someone who is hated and considered the most dangerous species in all of Meadowsville? Will she make it out a...

  • Love in our own way [Error x Ink & Multiship]
    27K 908 23

    Nightmares gang were at his mansion chilling out when they hear three loud bangs at the door, they opened the door to find the star sans', lead by Ink, in floods of tears. Reluctant as they are the gang let's them in and listens to what got them in such a state. The three Star sans' are forced to team up with Nightmar...