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  • Hope
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    Naruto Uzumaki was born without parents, raised without parents and he don't know the first thing about love because he has been hated throughout the village ever since he was an infant. One day a villager tried to kill him, he snaps and left the village for four years to train and make sure when he comes back that he...

  • Royalty -Narusasu-
    23K 525 6

    This story Sasuke and Naruto parents are ALIVE Naruto parents: Minato is the king hokage of the leaf village and Kushina is queen lady of the leaf village Sasuke parents: Fugaku Uchiha is police officer, Mikoto uchiha is house wife while itachi Uchiha went off to America to study music what happens the young lord o...

  • an epic love - NaruSasu [DISCONTINUED]
    130K 2K 12

    [DISCONTINUED] Naruto is the new kid at konoha high. his looks immediately attract many....including Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto too, is attracted to the raven. Naruto- 17years old (SEME/TOP) Sasuke- 16years old (UKE/BOTTOM) (Naruto is only a few months older than Sasuke in this story & Sasuke has yet to turn 17) (Sasuke i...