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  • Shadows of Ash and Gold
    576K 18.9K 35

    Avaryn Alastors life couldn't possibly get any worse. That's what she told herself the second her feet crossed the threshold of Crestwood Academy. But boy, was she wrong. She'd never wanted to attend the most prestigious stuck-up school only made for the rich and the smart. She'd never even wanted to apply. But trag...

  • Bloodred
    1.2K 54 4

    A runaway princess that's not really a princess at all. An assassin who wants nothing more than revenge. A thief who's torn between the two with a plan of her own. Brought together by one common desire. To see the king dead. With Lies, Betrayal, and the boundaries blurring Ellyan, Claris and Lanya will learn the true...

  • The Captor's Ring
    10.4K 274 27

    Autumn Bluepine's life is changed entirely when she kills the Queen's second in command. Taken as prisoner to repay the life debt that she owes, Autumn must demonstrate her ability to take the position of the man she killed. Her abilities will be tested as she completes the three tasks instructed to her by the Queen...

  • Forged in Frost and Fire (Book 1 in the Chronicles of Kings trilogy)
    1M 39.4K 46

    "As I laid on the filthy mat, my white hair fanning out like a halo around my head, I felt that ice inside of me fester. It grew and spread until it spanned across my entire body. It engulfed every thought inside my head, every feeling that was bubbling up inside of me. Like a virus. The cold quieted it all, until eve...

  • Falling
    4.7M 139K 46

    *NOT EDITED YET* He was pure arrogance. His aura demanded surrender and obedience. And he was smart. So damn smart. He had a way with words, so intricate and condescending. She was intelligent and curious. Hard working and passionate. She was self made, self taught. With no family to fall back on, one would think...

    Completed   Mature
  • Crimson Lace
    53.4K 1.9K 59

    "It's people like you who will have the world begging on their knees and crippling themselves for your approval." In a world divided by power, there are two breeds of humans: The powerful Nobles and the powerless Serfs. A group of teenagers try to navigate life together despite their differences. All the while fighti...