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  • TheFamousFilms FNAF One-shots
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    You read the title.

  • Season1 visit season2 | TheFamousFilmsAUTheFamousFilmsAU | READ DESC
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    ~Ships~ Jon x Molten Maybe Rs.Freddy x Lefty? ⚠️ warning ⚠️ Sexual behavior Swearing

  • Freddyland chaotic groupchat
    50 4 1

    The gang gets a group chat which involves shenanigans, chaos, death threats, sleep deprived conversations and loving the beans of the group

  • Tales of the Owner Future
    1.3K 81 14

    -this was the future version of Tales if the Owner- Read if you would like.

  • I'm....Broken... •discontinued• (The Famous Films Fnaf)
    18.4K 516 20

    so this is my first story and my first language isn't english. (The story takes place after Jon ripped lefty's arms off) ROMANTIC SHIPS: Jon x Bryan PLATONIC SHIPS: Molten x Bryan Lefty x Bryan ALL THE FRIENDSHIPS Trigger warning: ANGST SELF HARM

  • "Artemis, Come Home"
    3.9K 193 4

    For as long as Artemis could remember, he was an orphan with a strange shadow quirk. But what happens when he discovers where exactly he came from? this is an au idea that I had on Twitter where Artemis from My Hero Origins is the child of Bryan and Inpu from Origins of Olympus.

  • Mermaid Origins
    698 25 4

    Origins AU in the mythical land of mermaids.

  • A Friendly Visit
    380 13 4

    Bryan has to watch his niece's and nephew, but they seem off.. They're kids what's the worst they can do? WARNING: - Blood - Gore - Slow Updates Characters that aren't mine belong to their rightful owners. MORE BOOKS COMING SOON

  • The angels jester
    7.4K 238 7

    I was looking for one and didn't fine one so here y'all go. There will maybe be bad English idk. ALSO I haven't seen the first season and I might watch it. Not sure but please no hate this is gonna be 13+ idk if ima do smut but I guess we'll see. I might do a crossover in the future with fnaf 7.

  • Fixing a broken family (A famous films/JonJon Pizzeria roleplay fanfiction)
    91 4 1

    Everyone knows about William Afton, AKA Spingtrap. Yet nobody cared about his sister apart from him. One day his sister decides to move away to an obscure country and change her last name to Notfa. Years later this sister dies. Her new family were at her funeral, yet nobody noticed the rabbit at the window. Nobody ex...

  • Running Away To Another Dimension (Title WIP-)
    386 22 6

    What would happen if Daycare Bryan- who is now 8- returned to Freddy Land? The park management is in shambles with Bryan being dead- and most of the animatronics have no clue that their red-jacketed friend is gone. How would the animatronics react? How will Daycare Bryan react?.... And why after so long is Daycare Bry...

  • Incorrect quotes
    1.7K 74 12

    Incorrect quotes for thefamousfilms, my AU mainly focusing on the Fnaf part and Rp I am doing currently

  • TFF Molten x yandere Lefty
    8.6K 240 31

    Lefty's a secret Yandere and just wants Moltens love when people keep interrupting. He wants to save Molten from the terrible life he has. This book contains Mainly lefty x molten And Rockstar Freddy x Rockstar Bonnie x Rockstar Foxy Jon x Bryan

  • Art book of random
    1.7K 93 35

    Just random art

  • why did you leave me bryan?
    2.2K 100 23

    bryan has been dead for 3 months and jon is not ready to say that he is gone yet......btw the edit is mine

  • Hospital Trip
    3.3K 98 3

    Another trip through the theme park, running away from the Twisteds. As Bryan tried to escape from the Twisteds, a simple punch can really injure someone.

  • Art Book
    3.5K 195 19

    May have some bad art and it will have some ship drawings! And there will be drawings of TheFamousFilms

  • ~TheFamousFilms One-shots~
    3K 54 7

    Hi! So I do take Lemon, smut, and fluff, but be warned. My lemon and smut is total TRASH so don't expect much of that, unless you guys want it! This is my first story, so I'm sorry if its bad! Art credit: karlayna0989 on twitter

  • ✨Art Book✨
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    ♥︎I might post art here from time to time, so anyways prepare for my cringey art-♥︎ ♥︎Memes and random photos may appear here as well♥︎ ♥︎I hope you enjoy this book as much as possible!♥︎

  • ● The Text Chat ● TFF
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    Henlo his was made out of boredom

  • My Art book
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    I'm gonna put some of my art here! This is kinda mainly for my friend Crystalmaryllis cuz I told them I'd put some drawings they helped inspire in a book so they could see them. So yeah. If anyone wants to request anything, you can, due to the fact that I am trying to get back into drawing. Best Ranks: ~ 08/07/2020 ~...

  • Thefamousfilms FNaF6 oneshots
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    No smut!! <3

  • Jon's Interesting Return Of Instagram! / JonJon Art Book
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    "Welcome back for Part 2 of my crazy Instagram!~ I hope you remember the rules because if not I will gladly make you remember!" •~Cover made by yours truly: Me/NeonPuppetTheFox~• Please if you use any of the art THAT I MAKE please give me credit or tag me please ^^ because I don't want anybody stealing my art. Thank...

  • ✨✏art book✏✨
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    :'> stupid art that what it is

  • ⚠✏______-----THE PROBLEM----____✏⚠
    162 5 2

    this story is a comic that i made in TTF amnio --- jon got hit by a deadly needle that glichtrap can control him--- this is my fan made story pls do not steal my idea TwT their is ships too(on my opinion):3

  • Jon's Diary
    64 4 2

    This is a sad book aha oops

  • Bryan In Wonderland (A FamousFilms Fan Story)
    6.5K 227 24

    After Bryan's attempt to close off the doorway to the Twisted Universe fails, he falls unconscious and is unable to wake up. But when he ends up in a new world, Bryan must find a way out to ever go back to his theme park and to his friends again. Although the ruler of the "wonderous" place has a serious rivalry with s...

  • Not on my Watch! - T.F.F. AU {Discontinued}
    313 6 4

    This is completely different from my last book, huh? Well, I have a few T.F.F. AUs that I had in mind, and I wanted to finally make a book on this one. I'll get a cover for the book whenever I can. This AU was inspired by The Henry Stickmin Collection ending, Revenged. Created: 10/7/20; Finished: ?/?/?? ‼️DISCLAIMER:...