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  • Relentlessly Shattered
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    Previously known as: The Billionaires Broken Treasure. WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT WHICH INCLUDES ABUSE, SELF HARM, RAPE, ETC. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED *************************************************** "Yes a wife I never wanted. She's merely someone who I signed a contract with because I was blackm...

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    This book is not mine. But it is a wonderful, and there are not any original copy of this book on wattpad. So i have decided to put one. The author of this book is Stephanie Meyer who wrote more books also. Continue reading for the book's description. Isabella Swan expects her new life in Forks to be as dull as the t...

  • Twisted Poison (Edward Cullen) #Wattys2018
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    Artwork cover by @poisonyouth_ *previously called my drug is her blood* "Veronica your blood is like Poison. Your scent, your taste, your smell, your voice. I need you every second of the day. I'm crazy about you Veronica and when I'm not with you I go even more crazy with you in my mind. I love you Veronica Swan," ...

  • Stranger Danger
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    16 year old Cassidy is ecstatic when her crush invites her to a concert in Pittsburgh. Determined to have the best summer ever, she doesn't let anything stop her. Not even her mother. Her act of rebellion takes an end sooner than it began as things suddenly take a turn... Little note: Some parts of this story was pos...

  • A Love to Remember [On-going]
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    Isang aksidenteng, magpapabago ng lahat. --- This is a work of Fiction. Names, Businesses, Places, Events, and Incidents are Author's imagination only. This 'Story' is unedited. It might have a Typographical and Grammatical errors!!! Read at your own risk : )