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  • Broken and Torn: A Draco Malfoy Love Story
    796K 19.1K 29

    Jillianne Ashwood never knew her parents. Raised by her grandfather from a very young age she never knew what really happened to them. Despite being considered the Slytherin Princess by many of her classmates at Hogwarts, Jillianne is as kind as she is beautiful, especially to her good friend Neville Longbottom, and s...

  • Changing opinions//Draco malfoy
    14.5K 295 37

    ||| COMPLETED ||| - SPICYish (at times) - 🤰🏻Celina washes up at Hogwarts after a freak boating accident.Dumbledore believes she is here for a reason and integrates her into his school. Without a drop of wizard blood in her veins, she struggles to keep a low profile....especially with that boy around..🤰🏻 ⚪️WARNING...

    Completed   Mature
  • Little Bird
    18.2M 455K 68

    "It's much harder to stay hidden from the Dark Lord when you're in love with a Death Eater." Evelyn Hawkings' parents were well-known Death Eaters, but they died when the Dark Lord fell and Eve was only an infant. Now fifteen years have passed and Voldemort is back, and Eve has changed her last name to stay hidden fro...

  • Draco Malfoy's Dirty Little Secret
    3.6M 59.1K 50

    "Everybody has a dirty little secret." "Yes, but mine can kill." Courtney Flint has kept her distance from the person she wanted to hate most in the world: Draco Malfoy. She hated the person he had turned into, but when she is paired with him for a school project, she couldn't help but fall for him. He seemed to be...

  • Double Trouble | Draco Malfoy [1]
    404K 13.4K 24

    Harry Potter's parents were killed by Lord Voldemort. His entire family was gone in the blink of an eye. Everyone except his twin sister, Maxine Potter. While dealing with the pressure of fame, Maxine "Max" Potter must also juggle her sad home life with the Malfoys as well as the terrifying thoughts of Sirius Black co...

  • The Slytherin Queen- Year 1
    2.6M 82.9K 58

    (y/n) Lovecharm, A descendant of Merlin and eldest daughter of the Lovecharm family, her life was marked out for her. But with the start of her life at Hogwarts, the events that follow prove her life isn't going to be so easy. Making friends with Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, comes with unpredictable results. But e...

  • You're Safe With Me ( Draco Malfoy )
    1.5M 34.6K 48

    A Gryffindor girl, finally making her return to Hogwarts after being away for 5 years. A Slytherin boy, cocky, arrogant and lonely. The two unexpectedly form a bond, not knowing that it will change both of their lives forever.

  • Slytherin Royalty - DM
    530K 10.8K 30

    Draco Malfoy is the popular bad boy of Hogwarts. He is prejudiced, rich, flirty, doesn't let anyone tell him what to do and all the girls are crazy about him. Monique is the popular, rich bitch of Hogwarts. She is very stylish and smart. She is a boss and doesn't take lightly to being treated badly. All the guys want...

  • Dark Secrets
    1.9M 38.8K 68

    Trailer: "How could you? I loved you! How could you do this to me?" I cried, tears streaming down my face as I stared at the boy I thought was my true love. "Jen. You're got to listen to me. I-" Draco started walked towards me and I backed up. "Don't come any closer. I don'...

  • I Was Dared to Love You (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)
    5.7M 129K 49

    Violet Jesperson was dared. But hey! Who doesn't like being dared? When she finds the dare is to fake date Draco Malfoy ... she wonders whether she'll be able to succeed in crushing his heart without killing the annoying git first. Cover by: kyladava (To Be Re-Edited)

  • The Mark of a Death Eater
    1.2M 31.6K 42

    "As I have said, this is the Dark Lord's orders-" I detonated. "I'm sorry, what... what are you talking about?" I couldn't breathe. Snape's black eyes narrowed as they bore into mine. "You have to become a death eater." Emma Evergreen is a perfectly ordinary Slytherin girl - mean-spirited, intelligent and amb...