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  • Mafia rose jirose
    48.1K 1.3K 21

    Life can be always unfair. Rose gets to be mafias wife

  • My Only Truth Is You - BLACKPINK Rosè x Fem!Reader
    59.6K 2.1K 27

    We finally met again, after 5 years. Not at the place of our first meeting, but where we had to deal with each other. Did our feelings change? No one knows. So tell me the truth, Rosé.

  • 50 Shades of Tae Tae - KTH (21+)
    264K 8.9K 50

    Supermodel Kim Taehyung has been your best friend for two years, but one weekend changed everything... forever. "If I had to pinpoint it, I'd say that's when I fell in love with her... just watching her sleep so peacefully in my arms. At that moment I knew I wanted to love, honor, cherish, and protect her, and I was...

    Completed   Mature
    938K 28.6K 30

    It's not easy living with seven hot ass guys ; Though it does have it's perks... (; Ranked #2 under #kimtaehyung

  • Say You Like Me [BTS ]
    510K 15.4K 47

    Being bullied , A betraying old friend , an arranged marriage with the guy she hates , unexpected secret . Will Park Laini survive her life ? " Why do I have to face all this by myself ? Did I make a big mistake in my past life that god want to punished me with all this challenge ? " - Park Laini " I hate her because...

  • Am I Fool To Love You?
    168K 5.2K 39

    Wherein Y/N Park is in the girl group St⭐rk from YG ent. What will be her destiny if her and Jennie Kim became a thing. GxG Y/N x Jennie Kim

  • Mr. Nobody (Lisa x reader)
    69.2K 1.8K 49

    Y/N: why do you even love me? why can't you just hate me like everyone else? Lisa: because you are different........

  • »COMPLETED« You & Me - Rosé x Reader [Blackpink ff]
    101K 2.4K 41

    Sometimes you're a badass, sometimes you're a troll (most of the time) and sometimes you're a caring and sweet guy. Can Chaeyoung handle you? Can she fall in love with you? Cover by: @riatale Started: 8 Sept 2018 Finished: 27 Nov 2018 181102 - #3 in RosexReader 181102 - #4 in ChaeyoungxReader 181102 - #20 in SHINee 18...

  • Beyond The Age |
    666K 33.1K 62

    "I fell in love with someone who was born first. If only I could synchronize the time on both of us. So I can sit right next to you." © kiyoptae 2017 Started on: 17.01.01 Ended on: 17.06.06 Highest Rank: #92 in Fanfiction (26/6/2017)

  • The Bridesmaid ✓
    2M 119K 65

    His finger traces my skin, his coffee brown eyes staring deep into mine as I feel chills run down my spine. "Taehyung." I call out his name, close to a whisper, afraid that someone might hear us. Why did being with him make me feel so good even though he wasn't mine to keep? [Highest Ranking: #1 in Fanfiction] Warnin...

    Completed   Mature
  • ✓ dirty dancing|park jimin
    1.8M 64.8K 77

    'She only moans for me.' Jimin boasted. 'That ends tonight.' Jungkook said, taking off his shirt. Abuse, heartbreak and dance, follow Rose through her upheavals in life. •small chapters •completed • #3 in jimin • #1 in kpop • #5 in fanfiction • #4 in jungkook © @jimindigo

    Completed   Mature
  • Blood Ink ✔️
    40.3M 1.6M 77

    "That's my tattoo, Y/N, on your body. You know exactly what that means." BTS Jungkook x Reader tattoo artist AU gang AU Thanks and credits to all of the original artists of the amazing edits and fan arts, as well as the creator of the cover @namjoonkie and original artist @diatybx?❤️ Highest Ranking: [#1 in Fanfict...

    830K 26.9K 51

    You would've done anything for him and that was your unforgiving sin. Jimin x Reader *MATURED CONTENT*

  • Princess ✔️
    865K 32.4K 84

    ((COMPLETED 11/8/19)) "Fuck him, let me treat you like the queen you are"-JJK Entered in Watty's 2019 Copyright ©️Sun_Kiised

    Completed   Mature
  • Breaking Free (Tom Holland) BOOK ONE [COMPLETED]
    277K 4.5K 38

    Sisters Valerie and Vanessa Elliot are the world's hottest twin models. But when Valerie wants to head down a new path Vanessa is caught off guard. Just when her world seems to be getting back in line life hits Vanessa like a ton of bricks and only a handsome stranger can put it back together again.

  • Considered You And I // Zed X Reader » Discontinued
    69.3K 1K 30

    HIGHEST RANGKING: ✔#23 IN zombies [I forgot the dates till poms] ✔#2 IN milomanheim ✔ #1 IN poms ✔#1 IN bonzo 10.28.2018 ✔#9 IN disney 11.18.2018 (OUT OF 4K ST0RIES!) ✔#2 IN zed 12.18.2018 ✔ #1 IN zed 02.05.2019 ✔ #1 IN milomanheim 02.10.19 [EDITING] A girl and a ZOMBIE. Read and heard right a HUMAN girl and a ZOMBIE...

  • Mr. Bad Boy (a Cole Sprouse Fanfic)
    137K 2.6K 17

    Cole's your average teenage boy, no time for girls, never listens to teachers, does his own thing. The dark mysterious type. Valerie's your not so average teenage girl. Moved to a new country to study her last year of schooling. Sticks to the books. Doesn't like to party or even really socialise. She's more of a clos...

  • What We Do For Love (Flash x Reader)
    80.6K 2.1K 46

    Book of the Is It Love? series, and This Is Love. Be sure to read those two before this one, otherwise it won't make sense. ?

  • Silvery Vision
    22.5K 922 37

    "Who are you?" His eyes widened. "(Y/n)... How could you not remember me?" I was astonished. "W-what do you mean? I don't even know what's going on!" The man bit his lip. "Why can't you remember me? I looked down at my lap. "I'm sorry I don't... Remember, you." I...

  • His Feisty Tiger
    28.5K 806 15

    {COMPLETED} Your the daughter of scar, Carlos being your best and only friend. You work at The Lion's Bar, which is your father's bar. You happen to be in an all out battle between you and Harry, him trying to win over your heart, and you resisting. Will you fall for him? Or will you not? Read the book to find out! *P...

    Completed   Mature
  • KJ Apa x Reader
    55.3K 811 13

    Just a KJ Apa x reader.

  • True Love: Garroth X Reader: PDH (Discontinued)
    45.9K 1K 66

    Y/N is a freshman at Phoenix Drop High. She has 2 best friends named Zoey and Emily. They have been best friends since middle school. One day when she was walking up to the school she ran into the hottest boy in school. Who is the boy? And are they going to get really close?

  • My Stone Heart is Breaking(Levin X Reader)
    115K 4K 42

    Levin finds you on the ground in the forest and brings you to the safe haven,as you wake up Levin try's to get to know you but later on finds out that you've lost all emotions because of what happen when you were a kid. Levin try's everything he can think of until one day there was a crack in your stone heart and you...

  • Carlos De Vil x Reader
    830K 29K 75

    In the perfect land of Auradon where the pretty princesses and charming princes reside, what could go wrong? A lot, apparently. After getting assigned a project to find a 'date' for a school dance, everything seems to go wrong for (y/n). Friendships fall apart, mysteries are discovered, and an impending fate awaits th...

  • SET UP (Kj Apa x Reader)
    7.7K 147 8

    You are the director for Riverdale when Cole Sprouse your close friend wants you to meet Kj Apa because he thinks you two will pull it off; He says this with all the guys he try's setting you up with. You go on a date with Kj and things go good until something bad happens. Cover by @Samantha_High

  • Mystreet and Your Street *Discontinued*
    2.9K 135 14

    (Before we start this, this is a sequel to Falling For An Infamous Girl, and I hope you all enjoy this sequel.) It's been almost 8 years after you and Garroth were dating, and you two had unfortunately broken up after Ivy had blackmailed you with a lie, and Garroth dumped you. You have decided to move in with all your...

  • Different From Everyone Else (Carlos De vil X Reader)
    10.9K 148 4

    You are the daughter of Bell and the Beast, your brother Ben is soon to be king. But (Y/N) has developed depression. What happens when she meets the villain kids? I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS. Slow update

  • Pure - KJ APA
    109K 1.5K 29

    Y/N and her bestfriend Summer get to be extras for their favourite show 'Riverdale', but who will they be friends with and who will be more or less than a friend?

  • Just Another Blur (The Flash X Reader)
    424K 11.8K 33

    You read the title didn't you? Why are you even wasting time reading the discription? It's the frickn flash and you as the reader! I do not own the flash or anyone from the flash univers. (Btw, Barry in the first episode is like sherlock xD)

  • Save Me (Minecraft Diaries Levin x Reader)
    202K 5.6K 33

    (Y/N) was a mysterious girl sold to the Thieves Guild. She thought she was never going to get out but she did.. with the help of some unknown people. She follows the people to a village called Phoenix Drop but plans on leaving after a while. But something strange happens... she falls in love with the lord. With her ha...