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  • Are all Galrans bad? (A Kidge fanfic) discontinued
    10.2K 416 18

    !!!!WARNING!!!! MOST OF THE OLDER CHAPTERS ARE UNEDITED AND NOT VERY GOOD. I APOLOGISE IN ADVANCE Before reading this story, please note that there may be some suicidal themes, violence and slight swearing. As I am not that keen on swearing, I'll leave It out when I can, which will be nearly the entire book. I hav...

  • •O M E G L E•
    1.4K 27 15

    Katie is a 16 year old girl with a laptop who hates talking to random people on the internet. But when she opens her laptop to a mysterious website will she take the bait or go back to her normal life?

  • Plance Oneshots 💚💙
    8.8K 231 17

    Hi! so I'm more of an artist than a writer but I'm trying to branch out and try more things. So I'll do plance onenshots and occasionally some kidge or kallura. No hate on my ships please! Also we're gonna keep it pg. (for the most part;)) but seriously nothing inappropriate on here. I'm open to requests :) so yea hop...

  • Toumia
    921 13 8

    After barely fighting off a fleet of Galra ships, Voltron lands on the planet Toumia that is surrounded by three suns, humbly expecting thanks, gratitude, and food. Not necessarily in that order. However, as soon as they land on the ground, the leader of the Ibhe Htua, Pedagogue Tuaste, tells them that they did a good...

  • Broken (shidge)
    3.4K 75 9

    Pidge has been captured by the galra and tortured by haggar. Shiro dose everything in his power to get he back. And when he dose he realizes he has a huge crush on her disclaimer: I do not own voltron characters *I do NOT own any of the art*

  • If Only I Was....
    44.5K 1.1K 31

    { JUST STARTED } Allura is sweet, pretty, tall and Pidge is short, sassy, and smart, she's different then her, but is that what HE wants? Just saying there is a bit of angst here. Mostly just Pidge angst. (Old description) (New description) { STARTED 6ish MONTHS AGO } ANGST for days, guys. Pidge bottled up her feeli...

  • Not So Everyday Life Of The Team
    6.5K 230 32

    Growing up together Pidge and Shiro always had little crushes on eachother. Now grown up they realize that's it's more than a crush, but will the troubles of being the defenders of space come between them?

  • Tears Of The Fallen (HIATUS)
    1.1K 25 12

    This is a Shidge/Takatie, AU where Shiro/Takashi isn't gay, and you'll have to read to figure out the rest that is in this AU. :> Most impressive Rank! 23rd - Shidge

  • Shidge (Pidge X Shiro) Between me and you
    247 8 1

    Pidge and Shiro have been best friends for a long time. They met in there freshman year of high school and They've been friend's ever since. Finally it's their Senior Year and prom is just around the corner, will they be more than friends? will Shiro ask Pidge to the Prom?.

  • Voltron High School AU
    20.4K 397 31

    FIRST BOOK I HAVE WRITTEN. It's embarrassing. As the name says. Shiro: Senior Allura: Junior Keith: Sophomore Lance: Sophomore Pidge (Katie): Sophomore -Discontinued. Read part 31 for details- Art goes to the badass artist who created them (Art is not mine)

  • Jealousy - Plance Fanfiction
    3.1K 75 6

    Book cover artist- @how_precious_is_change on instagram

  • V. Blood Academy [Voltron AU] (Pidge × Allura * Pallura)
    4.9K 94 9

    So uh,, vampire AU. Katie "Pidge" Holt is one of the brightest vampires there, as well as the least predicable. Her short, but cute, stature can make her seem weak or naive yet thats quite the opposite She's the top of her class and the best blood-hunter. Yet, she has competition. Her competition, Allura "Goddess" Alt...

  • Matt's Missing
    7.7K 324 36

    Matt Holt goes missing from Garrison Academy. His sister, Katie, will do whatever it takes to find him. She adopts the name "Pidge Gunderson" to find her brother at the boy only private school. She feels she's ready for anything, but is she? This is a boarding school AU