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  • Collection of Aralyn Oneshots
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    They're so gay lmao. and I make oneshots of em. hope y'all enjoy also tw they probably will get sexual on occasion the cover is by @martaare-llopart I think that's how it's spelled

  • Six: The Musical - One Shots
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    Read the title you buffoons, it's says it right there

  • Time to do what's right
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    There is more information inside because as of right now I don't know what to put on here.

  • Six one shots
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    Because I hated how the last one was so I'm making a new one.

  • SiX: The Musical One-Shots
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    you clicked this, you know what it is :) requests are open for any kind of writing and any ship/ship dynamic bc no judging goes on here of course, TW! maybe smut, vulgar language, and multiple other things depending on my moods bc my mood swings are terrible and i like angst :D

  • Addict
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    Everyone's struggling, it's just that this group seems to be totally fucked in all departments. Catherine seems to always need to be intimate with Jane, Anne goes to AA at least three times a week, Jane is currently rebounding from her gambling addiction, Anna has just reached her three years sober mark, Kat has been...

  • Six One-shots
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    So, I was bored. Hope you enjoy! Please vote and stuff. And comment any requests on the first chapter, I'll make sure to do as many as possible!

  • SiX one-Shots
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    Send requests

  • locked in- PARRLYN-short story
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    I was reading a fillie one-shot book (I cant remember which one) this was the plot and I loved it so much I made another version with my otp. PLOT: Anne and Cathy hate each over, Anna and Catherine were sick of the two girls fighting, they lock them in a room until they makeup.

  • Six the Musical Oneshots
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    because i have no sense of originality 🤠👍🏾 most chapters have some form of cursing-

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    Woooo my first (trash) story (yes I drew the cover :D)

  • Six one shotssssss
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    Gimme gimme gimme ideassssss

  • Just Tryna Have Some Fun [Aralyn]
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    An Aralyn school AU also featuring Cleves/Howard and Parr/Seymour. Henry VIII, the most popular guy in School of Six, is dating Catherine of Aragon, and tries to make a move on Anne Boleyn, who's crushing hard on Catherine of Aragon. What happens when Anne rejects him and gets with Catherine instead?

  • Stars
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    Why hello there! Based off my one shot (dat I have not yet published because it's not done) Stars so um ARALEYN!

  • Sixstgram (Parrlyn &Katanna)
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    So i love reading these but I really wanted to make on for six so yeah thats what I am doing. Parrlyn and Katanna will be included in this story. Highest Rankings (I am really lazy and only know a couple) 1 in Parrlyn (2/18/2020) 2 in Anna of Cleves (5/20/2020) 1 in Catherine of Aragon (8/16/2020)

  • The Tudor Secrecy: Six The Kids
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    Edward, Elizabeth, and Mary arrive at a new school, And everything seems normal until history class, Where they learn about the horrifying tale of the Six Queens of England.

  • Valentine's Gay: Parrlyn
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    Inspired by Lost (A Parrlyn fanfic) Cathy Parr, A reserved and quiet woman, held under the unfortunate reign of King Henry Tudor 8th. Locked in her bedroom all day. One special Valentine's day, Cathy wishes to be with someone she will truly love, and wakes up with a spunky green haired girl who's sent to be Cathy's ne...

  • Differently
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    Parr is in university,the introverted socially anxious girl meets up with an extraverted social high Anne boleyn. How will these two get along when they are so different

  • Maybe?
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    A Mordern Six The Musical AU. Catherine Parr is your ordinary person,a few friends,in high school etc. but when a new student comes along, Parr needs to find herself.

  • six the musical smut because chicken salad
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    **I GLADLY ACCEPT REQUESTS!!! and some chicken too...** Ships are allowed, I just want to write smut for the weekend *hah*

  • Assigned - SiX Soulmate AU
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    Catherine of Aragon has a good life, she had a nice job and a husband. But something inside her is empty. Anne Boleyn has a similar problem except she doesn't even have a good job and she doesn't want a husband. She wants a wife. Jane Seymour will have a male child. She is marrying a rich man and doesn't need to work...

  • New Student
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    Cover made by @AestheticallySeymour Cathy is the new girl at school, and catches the eye of the popular girl Anne Boleyn! This is my first story, so don't expect it to be amazing. Hope you enjoy! Ships include: Katanna Saragon Parrlyn

  • Aralyn High school AU
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    Six the musical secondary school AU Fun fact this book used to be parrlyn.

  • Criminal
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    An Araleyn Criminal AU

  • Lost (Parrlyn)
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    Ever since Henry had left Catherine Parr, she had been left penniless and broken, with no friends or family left that cared about her or wanted her. Then she met Anne Boleyn, the woman that brought happiness back into her life, and had graciously welcomed her into her family, showing Cathy life at a new angle. After...

  • Six Group Chat
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    The six queens have a group chat and some private ones. Catherine didn't want to included, Anne just texts innuendo's, Jane wants proper grammar, Anna thinks it's great, Kat is a enabler, and Cathy wants to be left alone. [#1 KatAnna] [#2 Araleyn]