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  • Love Between Paladins (Shiro X Pidge)
    49.8K 878 30

    Just some ship that I really like

  • Our Stories (Voltron OneShots)
    21.7K 484 100

    Many Voltron oneshots, you can ask for any ship requests. Mains ones i do while I'm waiting for Requests with be LotorxPidge, JamesxPidge, ShiroxPidge, ShiroxAdam, LancexPidge and KeithxPidge

    Completed   Mature
  • The Small Town
    64.9K 1.5K 33

    Keith is forced to visit Shiro's friend and his family. He expected it to be boring. What he didn't expect was for him to fall for Matt's little sister.

  • Thank you's
    118 6 1

    This is just a short cute scene (Shidge)

  • Accidents
    2.9K 116 8

    Pidge is a quiet sophomore and Shiro is a popular senior on the football team. One day he accidentally crashes into Pidge in the hallway breaking her leg. He feels really guilty and befriends her as he helps her around school. Something more than a friendship starts to blossom.

  • New friends
    4.4K 146 26

    This is a high school AU about a shy Katie making new friends and opening up more as she gains more self-confidence. Will include: Shidge Klance Shunk Mallura Katie: freshmen Lance: sophomore Hunk: sophomore Shay:sophomore Kieth: junior Allura: senior Shiro: senior Matt: senior Lotor: senior Please note that: * I k...

  • Love in the Castle Air
    12.8K 278 6

    This is going to be a Shidge fanfic. Also imagine Pidge is older so don't freak out. Hope you enjoy :)

  • Something Else
    4.7K 85 17

    •Pidge here• So. Crazy thing. This is basically my life all in one book. But there's a whole lot of bumps in the road. And if you really want to know what I mean. Just read. I mean you don't have to. But I'm just saying if you're curious. Just look. •Pidge, out• I do not own Voltron or the characters created by Dream...

  • Lovely »Pidge/Katie • Voltron«
    41.3K 1K 22

    She fucked up, badly. Or rather, everyone fucked up badly. Pidge - 18 Shiro - 21 Lance - 19 Keith - 20 Hunk - 19 Endgame Shidge (?) Adult stuff will happen, no more warning after this one.

  • His Slytherin Her Gryffindor (Shiro x Pidge)
    1K 126 21

    a voltron harry potter AU. Shiro is in Gryffindor while Kate/pidge is in Slytherin but during these times everyone in Slytherin are seen as bullies or evil while Gryffindor are seem as the good students and are most respected. Pidge is place is Slytherin and everything goes wrong for her until she meets shiro.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rules Of Robotics (And Love)
    31.2K 1K 27

    Katie Holt, new to the ways of upper schooling, secretly joins the now-dead Voltron Robotics Club as Pidge Gunderson, robotics extraordinaire. But she doesn't think that joining that damn club would divert her attention from the interesting robotics to something more interesting, somehow: Lance McClain. --- Law #1:A...

  • Bread x Bread
    2.6K 152 6


  • The Small Town: Senior Year
    2.6K 148 9

    Basically just a sequel to the other one. ill make a better description when im feeling less lazy. story cover will change when i have a better one. this is currently being done on my phone leave me be.

  • Sendak Child (Shidge)
    1.5K 111 23

    Sendak adopted Katie when she was just a child and trained her to be a galra child but now she an adult, she following her own heart. Now she a blade member helping to win against Zarkon while acting like the perfect commander Sendak made her to be. But her act starts to fall as she meets with the black paladin.

    Completed   Mature
  • Their Stories 2 (Voltron Oneshots)
    19.9K 863 199

    This book is for voltron oneshots. Love is love so please do respect everyone ship. If you dont like a certain ship then dont read it. Please request as much as you want and at any time. Warning I dont do - Klance, Punk or Alluraxpidge

    Completed   Mature
  • Lightning in Space (Shiro x Pidge)
    13K 416 12

    Shiro x pidge fan fic Sometimes a connection is like lightning, it's fast, it's bright, and it's electrifying. But what if it's more? Something even better? Maybe sparks of love will form between these two paladins? (Cover art not mine. Also all gifs and pics used in this are also not mine. )

  • Voltron: The Lions
    70.1K 2.9K 22

    The Lions need more love. I do not own characters or pictures

  • The Height Of Our Love (Shidge Fanfic) [✔️]
    16.9K 384 29

    Can being short sometimes give you an advantage?

  • Shidge (Shiro x Pidge): The Flower Girl
    55.8K 1.5K 30

    Shipping of Shidge & Klance Pidge, a 19 year old teenager, takes over her mother's flower shop business due to her mother not being able to control her grief over her lost older son and husband. It has been now two years since the disappearance of half the Holt family; when Mr. Holt and Matt Holt taken off on a space...

  • Wouldn't it be lovely? \\Shidge//
    34.7K 728 41

    |Shidge fanfic| Don't worry I made Pidge older, Pidge is 18 and Shiro is 22 #19 katieholt 8/20/2019 #1 megaoof 5/18/2019

  • Like a Grape (Shidge AU) [Book 1]
    60.9K 2.6K 33

    One year and the Galra Empire still stands, but barely control a third of the universe now thanks to Voltron. When things start to look up for Voltron, disaster strikes. *Slight AU, Matt and Katie (Pidge) are twins and at the age of seventeen. Shiro, will be twenty-one, because plot reasons.* [Written before season 3]

  • Green | A Shidge Fanfic
    45.2K 1.3K 19

    [ #31 in Shidge ] Pidge looked at the world around her, High trees, green grass, blue ponds and birds flying around the boy ahead of her in the field. As she walked closer to him, she recognized him as her older brother, Matt. In a quick motion, she embraced him in a hug. But she realized she was touching nothing. Whe...

  • Poisonous - Shidge
    109K 3.3K 34

    The Galra want to take over Voltron, the only option they have is to take the black lion but in order to do that they must take the most precious thing away from the Black Paladin...... Pidge Started: 3rd July 2017 Finished: 11th July 2018