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  • A hunter's Journey
    188K 1.3K 20

    What happens when a ghost finds its way to Remnant and meets a boy? What will become of them? And what if the boys shrouded history? First story so feedback would be great. ps I don't own any of this destiny belongs to bungie, rwby belongs to rooster teeth and all music and images belong to there respective owners 2#...

  • A Certain Supernatural Accelerator //Highschool DxD x Accelerator male reader//
    225K 3.8K 34

    A transfer student arrives at Kuoh academy part way through the year. He is oblivious to the supernatural and attracts the attention of a specific red head. But while this transfer student remains unaware of the forces housed in Kuoh, he understands his own power. A Highschool DxD story including the Esper abilities...

  • The Black Dragon Emperor of Death (Highschool DxD x Male OC)
    234K 2.9K 39

    Dragons never involved themselves in the war between angels, devils, fallen angels, and demons. Until the Welsh Dragon Ddraig and the Vanishing Dragon Albion broke out and fought on the battlefield of the ongoing war. But what if there was a third dragon? One so powerful it rivaled Great Red, making him feared by all...

  • The Birth Of The Fire Hero
    43.1K 677 13

    (Y/n) (L/n) was a normal teen. well, besides the fact his whole family was gone. For a 16 year old, he has had to do and learn everything by himself. He was having a normal day until he went to the library and found a book labeled as The Cardinal Heroes. His normal life, was about to change. The Rising of the Shield H...

  • Burn la fire | Male Leo Reader x Kill La Kill Harem
    28.1K 411 16

    Name was Y/n Gaza, You were more sometimes a friendly chap who could have bad attitude awhile back depending if ya like to fuck around or just have lot of fun with your friends but now your just kind n mostly energetic for a good fight though sometimes you'll still get that old urge back with the sarcasm. Anyway you l...

  • The Nephilim of Kouh Academy ( Highschool DXD)
    160K 1.5K 23

    Kouh academy was now a cou'ed school , many boys were transfered including a young man with a unique presence that no supernatural creature could identify . Not only was his presence unique but his appearance attracted countless females . He was a child of a human and a angel , he is a Nephilim , a powerful creatur...

  • The bastard devil hunter (male reader x high school dxd)
    34K 368 22

    You are son of Dante and Venelana. You and your twin brother were hated by devils all across the underworld just because you were bastard children. You both grew up in this hatred ever since Dante left for his final job. There were only two people that cared about you both when you were growing up and that was your ol...

  • Splatoon One Shots! 1/2 (Splatoon Lemons 18+ Onlys! ^^)
    174K 479 34

    So this is Splatoon Lemons some are normal sex while others are really erotic and sexy I hope you enjoy them!^^

  • The Dragon God of DxD (Rewrite)
    103K 1K 26

    Jiku, the dragon of time and space, husband to Ophis and older brother to Great Red, sacrificed himself to enable God to seal Trihexa but now he is reborn as a human boy. Without most of his powers and no of his memories from his old life he has to gather the shards of his being to reclaim his title Dragon of Dragons...

  • Highschool DXD The Lightning Dragon God(Male Reader)
    139K 1.4K 18

    What if after Issie got turned into a devil, a new Dragon God came to Kuoh seeking entertainment. A Lightning Dragon God second only to Great Red himself and stronger than Ophis The Obourous Dragon God. Meet Y/N as he embarks on a journey to find entertainment by pranking devils, fallen angels and angels themselves. W...

  • Queen of Leviathan: The Berserker
    93.6K 792 8

    What if during the Family Day at the Kuoh Academy? Another relative of Rias Gremory shows and was adoptive into the Gremory Clan for eleven years. Ren Arc-Gremory the Black Devil Berserker and Queen of Serafall Leviathan has been training his body and mind to become stronger for his own goals and overcome any that com...

  • Cold as Steel // RWBY x Samurai Male Reader!
    188K 3.4K 33

    (Y/N) is the last samurai of an elder village, after the sudden destruction of it, (Y/N) needs to find out who was the responsible of it, wielding his three swords, he'll kill everything that gets in his way, no Grimm or demon can stop him of getting his revenge. In his adventure, he'll meet some interesting people, a...

  • female frisk/Female Chara X Ghost Rider Spirit of Punishment Reader
    5.4K 52 10

    Hay this is something I'm don't normally do so injoy. This is a story about a boy who's life changed like Jonny Blaze he made a mistake but got the spirit of Punishment so let's see what will happen when go's to the UT universe.

  • Highschool DxD: Son of Dracula
    82.5K 1K 7

    You are (Y/N) Hellsing the son of Alucard/Dracula and Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing his main goal in life is to not let his fathers legacy dictate or overshadow his success. Waiting for his father to supposedly return (Y/N) goes to different countries taking on jobs making a name for himself with his bestfriend...

  • RWBY x Xenomorph! Male! Reader
    143K 2.7K 15

    A new life form has arrived on Remnant. Clever and resourceful, this life form could prove to be deadlier than the threat of Grimm. But will it be able to adapt to its new habitat?

  • Abandoned Human Robot (Cyborg X RWBY)
    57.8K 690 12

    20 Years ago, before Ruby joined Beacon or Penny was created. Atlas needed someone who was wanting to see if they could put a humans heart, brain, and soul into a robot. A young boy offered himself to be the test subject. The test was a success, but a couple of years later something went wrong and the robot went missi...

  • Child of Grimm
    34.2K 315 8

  • Cheater Team RWBY X Male Reader
    97.7K 929 11

    Y/N L/N is just a 19 year old man with a taste for Music and Battles. When he comes back from a tour for his latest album. He finds something that tore him apart from the inside. I don't own RWBY it belongs to Rooster teeth/ Monty Oum and You belong to yourself and I don't own the songs.

  • The Grimm Knight
    37.7K 658 13

    This is a story of a Grimm, but unlike the other types it is a mixture of most Grimm species that Salem specifically created to follow her will without being easily defeated. What makes this one special is the ability to understand words and apply it to their battle strategy and if paying attention, speak. With their...

  • Left To Die (Grimm Team RWBY X Male Reader)
    211K 3.1K 16

    What happens when Ozpin sends team rwby on a suicide mission, knowing that they found out about his plans. What happens after they are revived by the enemy they sworn to defeat? Revenge? Destruction?

  • From a Tormented Huntsman to a Criminal (RWBY x Bullied! Criminal! M!Reader)
    72K 608 16

    (Y/n) Kalous is a son of a drug dealer named Jan Kalous. He always promised his dad to change the people's opinions on him by becoming a Huntsman. However, constant bullying that lead to him being expelled from Beacon made its business and now Kalous Jr. is out to make sure Huntsmen will PAY. For his father's death as...

  • Why is it so Cold? (Abused and Neglected OC x RWBY)
    63.3K 473 7

    Rusty was the son of Tai and Raven Branwen. Though he was never treated like a son, always treated like a waste of skin ever. But after one day of abusive torment, Rusty decided to stand up for himself. So he fought costed him his life... Tai buried him in the back of the house. No tombstone. No nothi...

  • The Silver Eyed Emperor (Male Reader x Pyrrha and Abused and Bullied Ruby)
    109K 1.5K 16

    Y/n Silver, he was a man who was granted the powers of a Silver Eyed Warrior, he was so powerful that he made his own castle, had gotten guards and servants to serve him, he was powerful...too powerful, he was considered a threat to humanity, so many humans had charged into his castle trying to kill him, he knew this...

  • Saved and Trained by a Hunter: RWBY x Predator Male Reader
    42.6K 673 5

    This is a male reader story I thought of since I am also a fan of the Predator. So, in a house near patch a boy is physically beaten and abused from his family and he had enough where one day a sign made him leave and he meets the deadliest of all; a Yautja Hunter, a Predator. This predator saves his life and offered...

  • Ninja Rose (Abused Male Reader x RWBY)
    191K 2K 35

    Y/N Rose, the son of Summer Rose and Taiyang Xiao Long and the younger brother of Ruby and Yang. He was loved by his mother and sisters but they were unaware of the beatings that he received from Tai. After running away, he was found and raised by the Belladonna family where he was loved and trained in the ways of the...

  • Female various x male reader (request open)
    272 5 1

    I'm doing this cuz I'm bored lol so yea

  • Neglected and abused dying male reader(RWBY)
    156K 1.1K 12

    Little boy who name (Y/N) were neglecting and abused by Rose's family until one day,they regretted after what they did and try to earn his forgiveness Disclaimer:I don't own RWBY.Characters from this story credits to Roosterteeth. Reason I did this story because I want to perform my essays and grammar.Every week I'll...