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  • The Unveiled Truth In Darkness
    10.1K 348 28

    Conan tries to find out who Kid really is and not someone who looks a lot like himself as Shinichi. When shrunk detective receives a notice on one afternoon after school, he, Kogoro, and Ran must go on a mission to stop Kid from stealing another jewel on another one of his heists with the help of Inspector Nakamori wi...

  • Détective Conan: Volume 89
    3.3K 29 20

    This manga is famous

  • Book One: The Final Journey to Detective Conan
    16.6K 405 28

    After ten years, Edogawa Conan mystery disappearances.. Ran have been waiting for ten years for Shinichi, who haven't came back.. Ayumi Have been waiting for tens years for Edogawa Conan, she refused to believe that Conan suddenly vanished. When the moments that Ran, see Conan. It will changed her life forever.. When...

  • Detective Conan: The Fate
    11.3K 208 22

    Detective Conan: The Fate This is just a Fanfic Made by Ellysa29, me. Best Ranking: #1 in Coai |¹²/¹8/¹8| (I know its hard to believe!) Things like Fate are things that we can't just let happen... especially if that Fate means to hurt someone... what will you do? if this kind of Fate can take your love away from you.

  • Forgotten Memories [Detective Conan Fanfic]
    44.8K 990 29

    It's been 2 years since the black organization got defeated, Ai has finally finished the antidote, yet she is nowhere to be found. Conan later finds Ai but discovers a haunting truth. (Conan x Ai fan fic) PLEASE TELL ME THE TALENTED ARTIST WHO CREATED THIS COVER IF YOU HAPPEN TO KNOW.

  • The Second Self Of Conan Edogawa
    36 2 1

    Heyyy! We are Doris and Brunnhylde, two best friends, who loooove to write stories and anime! <3 This is what the story is about: We have our hero CONAN EDOGAWA aka SHINICHI KUDO, he's the most handsome guy on planet earth, or at least that is what our protaganist SHUN ITO thinks... She's totally obsessed with his...

  • Detective Conan: The Truth That Hurts
    19.4K 499 25

    The truth, hurts...

  • The Mystery Disappearance Of Kudo Shinichi
    1.8K 77 6

    After that fateful day, Kudo Shinichi disappeared from Tropical Land, That when Kudo Shinichi Died.. And that when the birth of Edogawa Conan.

  • Book Two: Detective Conan The Final Act
    1.6K 36 8

    Civil War Begins. Shinichi Kudo Faces His Own Fate.. Ran Mouri stand by her best friend side forever..Until very End.. Heiji Hattori enters World War III with his very best Friend..Until very End.. Kaitou Kid faces the dangerous Organization, he will hunts it down with his beloved Tantei-kun.. Vermouth faces her mos...

  • Thanks you for everything
    214 12 1

    What if Black Organization finds out about Shinichi true identity? What if Conan Edowaga Journey ends! (One-Shot)