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  • The 2021 Irenic Award (OPEN)
    4.4K 422 34

    Open (🥳) Closed () I know right? This account's FIRST competition and a big one too! I can't wait to read everyone's work and give out the prizes at the end. Enter these awards now to aim for stardom. Yours truly, -Yuki x #1 in ❤❤ #1 in enternow #2 in 2021awards #4 in awards

  • The SilverStar Awards 2020 - 21
    6.7K 406 22

    OPEN [✨] JUDGING [❌] CLOSED [❌] Welcome to the SilverStar Awards! Another award with way kinder rules and awesome prizes awaiting. Are you a writer who wants to share your work out into the world? Are you someone who wants to experience a new thrill of writing? If you answered yes to any of these questions above, come...

  • Eve Roger and the Spirit of Fire
    2.7K 681 50

    "There are times when I feel life can't be any worse for me than it already is. And life proves me wrong every damn time." Eve Roger. An orphaned girl, almost thirteen, who'd been living in Children Help Association, C.H.A., since she could remember. She had learnt from experience that the easiest way to get through...

  • H.O.P.E {Completed}
    75.8K 2.8K 20

    "Wait!" I yelled. "I have knock-knock joke." "Go, quick." "Knock knock." "Who's there?" He asked. "Cows go." "Cows go who?" He asked. "No, cows go moo," I said. "Taaa daaa!" "Okay, now get out of my way," he demanded walking past me. "No, wait-" I was cut off by Dylan throwing me over his shoulder. He scooped me up so...

  • Cry Me A Sea Of Tears
    83.1K 2.2K 16

    "If al the world hated me but I still love me am I wrong"? Kayla is a 16 year old girl who has had a hard life. Her beloved dad dead, her mother abandoned her and so did her brothers. Her foster father is a terrible man who hurts her. She is bullied at school and hate her self. She has a drug dealer outside of school...

  • Nightmare Turn Into A Dream
    1K 262 33

    You might think that my life is like any other happy teens out there, well you're wrong. My father got into a car accident, and that news was slowly eating my mother alive. She stopped working and just stayed at home, doing absolutely nothing. I had to drop out of high school and start working as a part-timer. I hav...

  • Three Brothers
    533K 25.5K 35

    "I wish you were never born!" He screamed at my shocked face. I was in the verge of crying, but I decided to stay strong. "Fine! You all hate me and I hate all of you! That's all! Next year all of you will be off to college, and we can finally flipping forget eachother!" I screamed at thier shocked faces. "That'd be...

  • Smarter Than My Senior
    25.6K 816 18

    Ellinor White has a nearly photographic memory and can remember literally everything. This is a big advantage when she's at her school, a private, exclusive high-school for rich and mentally gifted teenagers; after all, without it there's no way she would be at the school on a scholarship, just starting her Senior yea...

  • The End Of The Beginning.
    455 157 23

    Luna Geon loses her brother to vampires but is determined to find him but finds a world she doesn't want. Rylon Geralt, the villain becomes obsessed with marrying Luna. Will Nicholas let that happen. The fate of the worlds is in the hands of Nicholas and Luna.

  • Rise of The Conquest
    20.2K 11.2K 15

    Spark proves to be an unnaturally strong and gifted child. He takes to his training well, and advances from an early age. He excels at fighting and defense, and becomes abnormally strong, fast, and agile almost immediately. Then one night, as the two are practicing under the stars, they notice a bright light explode i...

  • Little snakes (harry potter fanfic)
    10.4K 272 51

    It is my first fanfic and call it what you want. Ideas, one story I don't care I don't own Harry Potter out of the group on the cover Harry is the only little. I WROTE THIRD YEAR But I mean fifth Voldemort is dead Siri is alive Remus,Fred regulus,fenrir are good. A little bit of polyamory. I DO NOT OWN HARRY POTTER TH...

  • The Four Misfits
    911 165 23

    Two best friends Ava Harper and Avery Wilson live in C.H.A (Children Help Association) Number 18. Atleast that's what they call home. Two boys which are new additions to the C.H.A meet the two girls. Will the not-knowing-when-to-shut-up Ava and exactly-knowing-when-to-shut-up Avery see through them or will they just i...

  • Miss Perfect and Her Brothers (Part I&II)
    3.9M 131K 80

    Young, innocent and always well-organized Hailie Monet under sad circumstances finds out about the existence of her five older, disgustingly rich, possessive and spoiled brothers. When she's forced to live with them, she discovers that their life is full of dangerous secrets which they are going to do their best to hi...

  • Their Sister, Their Strength
    1.3M 40.7K 30

    Madison hasn't had it easy. On her 13th birthday, she witnessed her Mother pass away in a tragic car accident. Just nine months later she is informed of her step-father's death. Sent to live with her six big brothers she never knew about, she discovers her life has been built on a web of lies. Maddie's life changes f...