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  • Summer (JaDine SU-ish)
    571 28 1

    based on the music video of Summer. We go through the different lifetimes of the souls of James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

  • S&G is Back (JaDine SU)
    1.3K 42 1

    inspired by a music video. haha. CRACK!Fic so they're prolly OOC. This is horror-comedy. so you might get spooked but you'll prolly laugh as well 😂 Happy Halloween! Post ko na today kasi tom ang celebration natin is Naddie's birthday na.

  • Painting With Words
    781 14 5

    2020 Realizations re James and Nadine's joint statement (my OWN take away and has nothing to do with what James or Nadine might be feeling/thinking. I am NOT THEM. just to be clear. 😊)

  • Then to Now (JaDine SU-Fantasy)
    42.3K 1.3K 17

    2015 x 2018 James and Nadine weren't okay. They haven't been okay for a while now and James missed her terribly. But what else can he do? Sometimes he just wishes everything with them was good. That he can go fast forward to a time when they were finally okay again. They do say be careful what you wish for. tbh, this...

  • Real (JaDine SU)
    3.9K 136 3

    JaDine story. mostly based from facts: what happened in their career since 2014 and based from their interviews/articles/book. but some blanks filled with my assumptions. so just treat this still as a fanfiction. 😊

  • Never Grow Up (JaDine SU)
    16.9K 377 6

    Team A Lot fics

  • JaDine Oneshots & Drabbles
    107K 3.2K 64

    60 independent JaDine fanfics + some added parts for certain oneshots (by popular demand lol) : : some are long oneshots, some very short drabbles I originally posted on IG (@jadinex) : : can range from: - SU [sensible universe - loyal to reality] - AU [alternative universe/fandom collision] - futuristic, and - crack...

  • JaDine Oneshot & Drabbles Collection 2
    79.9K 2.1K 60

    another collection cause the first one is already 60 oneshots. WARNING: prolly not a good idea to read Memory, Papa and Home in one sitting. ?

  • JaDine Oneshot & Drabbles Collection 3
    1.7K 28 10

    and we have another collection of oneshots and drabbles. please do check out my previous collections, both having 60 oneshots.