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  • Returned (Book 2 of the Stolen Collection)
    149K 5K 20

    Book 2 to the Stolen collection. After being sent back to her old life only to be taken again, Jade must decide if she will try to fix Blake or focus on escaping alive.

  • The Gangleader is possessive (Sequel to The Gangleader Wants me)
    534K 17.9K 52

    After the past of Jezzabelle Lemana was leaving rough patches in hers and her new husbands relationship, they lived happily ever after......Or so they thought. We know her past, but what about his? Will Emmets past come back and haunt his new family with his happy wife and kids? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

  • Let's make memories
    476K 11.1K 42

    !!!Might Continue!!! "You are Mine! Not Brandon's! Not Charlie's! Mine!" He roared at me. "I am....yours" I whimper out before he seals my lips with a kiss. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vanessa Golden is the nerd of the school. She has long dark brown hair and green eyes. She has slight freckles that cover her cheeks. Her ski...