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  • mullette smot
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    not a fake potato

  • Journal of Lafayette-Mulligan
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    This is my journal. A record of my life with my small family and mon amis. From war stories to my charming daughter's dialogue to even the rudeness my son get's from his father. Maybe a few things about my sex life, we'll see. Possibly old entries from my high school-college journal. Either way, Hercules better not be...

  • Just Human (Lams Prison AU)
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    John Laurens, Marquis De Lafayette, Hercules Mulligan, and Maria Reynolds have a plan. Get the hell out of prison. They've all served some time. And they're done with all the shit that goes on from Jefferson torturing people, to Charles Lee threatening John. They're done with the shit. They also grab someon...

  • Here comes the General
    11.1K 626 17

    **COMPLETE** Gilbert du Montier, Marquis de Lafayette is a young, French officer with a passion to fight for the American cause. Sneaking out of France was easy, because he had no parents to come looking for him. Getting on the ship was a piece of cake because of the inheritance money he used to bribe the captain. But...

  • Hamilton SmOoTShots By Mehh (DISCONTINUED)
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    Why are you here? Naughty~ Who'd have thought? Definitely not me LOL. I'mma regret this :') P.s: Credit to midnightartist for cover art

    Completed   Mature
  • And you are? (Jeffmads)
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    James Madison is roommates with Alexander Hamilton at kings college. This is how he meets Thomas Jefferson, who would later be the love of his life.

  • Hamilton Drabbles/Oneshots
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    character x character character x reader etc yay wooh read it please

  • 𝐀𝐫𝐭 𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐤
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    *giggles in what's talent, I wouldn't know*

  • jeffmads sMut
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    it's what the title says you dorty demons

  • Hamilton Oneshots! (Smut)
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    I feel like we're all going to regret this.

  • •My Art Book•
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    I'm literally gonna be updating every minute (or second) to make up for all the art I've drawn :')

  • Hamilton oneshots
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    Oneshots of all kinds! Fluff! Angst! Crack! Drabbles! Almost any ships! Requests open!

  • A-aron Burr, S-s-sir? ¦ Hamilton
    9.3K 290 13

    I thought of this because I was watching 'Hamilton as vines' and Burr was depressed so... I started to make this! The people who are mean to him are The Schuyler Sisters (Except Eliza) and The Hamilsquad. WHAT? YOU DONT SEE HOW THEY TREAT HIM!?!

  • ❝Thomas, we are engaged.❞ | JeffMads OneShots By Mehh (DISCONTINUED)
    1.9K 84 5

    Look it's my OTP and I'm fucking obsessed with it. Requests open. Angst ; fluff ; smut ; you name it.

    Completed   Mature
  • Washette Oneshots
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    A requested book of George Washington x Lafayette. Not much out there, but I love the thought of this ship. Requests are open.

  • Meet Me Inside (Washette)
    68.8K 2.7K 31

    This story is about the forbidden relationship between Mr. Washington, and Gilbert Lafayette. (This story has modern characters from the musical Hamilton, such as Jefferson, Hamilton, Lafayette, Mulligan, and Washington.

  • ~Bonjour~ (Washette)
    2.1K 92 10

    A young French exchange student soon realizes he will be staying with a handsome man, who just so happens to be one of his school professors. Just another super cringy Hamilton fan fiction that no one will read.

  • Hamburr Fluff Oneshots
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    there is not enough hamburr fluff on this website so i decided to write some not a lot but some also i was kinda told to do this by my partner but still InTO tHe fLuFf

  • WHY ME? {Hamburr}
    15.7K 533 16

    Aaron Burr has being bullied by John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan and Lafayette since Elementary and now, in High School. Now, John, Herc and Laf had befriended the new kid, Alexander Hamilton. But when Alex witness what his "friends" do to Burr, he let's Burr live with him cuz the crew (Laf, Herc and John) wanna kill B...

  • ~!IMPOSTOR!~Lams~
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    There are two impostors Among Us, and Alexander has fallen in love with John. However, can they really trust each other?

  • Uh...France?{Jeffmads}
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    Modern Jeffmads au James: "I'm straight." Thomas: *Returns from France.* James: "Fuck."

  • Plastic (Mullette)
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    Perfect. Perfect. Perfection. Lafayette's motto was "Stay Positive!" On his Youtube channel. Which reached almost 30 million subcribers this month. And his preformances of songs he wrote. He smiled and waved and laughed. But none of it mattered. None at all. Nothing. They were in love with the version of him they saw...