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  • The Punishment
    76 13 4

    Kiara Kings, a straight A student is assigned to tutor Holden Pierce, the new guy as a punishment for something that she's done. It's supposed to be a piece of cake, right? Well... All Kiara knows is that babysitting wasn't part of her plan for the perfect last year of Highschool what she doesn't know is that there's...

  • Goddess Of The Blue Moon | Novellus Realm #1
    521 48 9

    Invisible but always around, the Novellus have been living alongside humans since millions of years ago. As the Hidden Protectors of the Earth bestowed with magical abilities and supernatural strengths, they only have one sacred duty given by the Goddess herself; to ensure mankind survival against the Creatures of Des...

  • Journal of Fire: Origins
    27 15 4

    Upended from his dreary life as a construction worker and thrown into the wind as an exile from his adopted kingdom, Atrein Diablon swears to end the reign of the cruel and power-hungry gods. However, he soon finds himself swept into becoming the centerpiece of an ancient plot developed by none other than the Goddess...

  • Stained in red
    1.2K 106 98

    There is a Great War. Kingdoms are falling rapidly, loved ones are lost, and hope is scarce. But when Kassa discovered a secret, everything changes. When Serta's Kingdom it burnt to the ground, him and his survivors are at loss for what to do. Luckily, they manage to bump into some people who help tug them out of the...

  • Witch Doctors Inc: SEASON ONE (Completed!)
    11.5K 4.9K 122

    **FEATURED** on @Fantasy @magic @StoriesUndiscovered and @WattpadSeries ** Includes the 7 x Wattpad featured first episode The Awakening ** #4 in Spells out of 12K stories (Jan 2022) *** Welcome to Witch Doctors Inc. Got a problem? We'll solve it. Warts? Easy. Got an enemy after you? We'll find 'em. Been cursed...

  • The Mysterious Path (Complete)
    168 41 24

    Ziva comes across a mysterious path she enters the path . The path leads her to her past and future what happens along the way ? will Ziva make it to the end of the path ?will people try to stop her ? what will she choose at the end ?

  • Atelier Dupont: Fashion Never Sleeps
    3K 1.7K 34

    Featured on @StoriesUndiscovered, May, 2022. Since childhood, Jacqueline Dupont had been fiercely independent. Single-minded in her ambition and solitary in her ways, she had always known what she wanted to do with her life when she grew up. Her ambitious light burned so brightly that it blinded and scorched anyone a...

  • Areth: The Man and the Stone
    4.1K 444 93

    October 20th, 2018, in Saitama, Japan, Jushiro Motoshita lived his life as an artist for a studio and instructor of a school. Suddenly, his life changed when he found a mysterious stone in a river. Baffled and intrigued, Jushiro took the stone without hesitation, only to realize his mistake too late. The stone glowed...

    2K 495 42

    First place in the Best New Adult category of The Count Awards 2022 🥇 Second place in the Chick Lit category of Pretty In Punk Awards 2022 🥈 🛑 Chapter 4 seems to never be in the right order. Mostly it ends up after chapter 9! Be careful when reading... Here I am. In a mini dress, serving champagne to celebrities. H...

  • Red Sparks
    460 96 46

    Introducing Nate Sparks, your typical average high school graduate who has no idea what to do with his life. Lucky-or unlucky-for him, life decides his faith for him by thrusting him into the underground universe of abilities. Nate has never been good at things. Making friends. Getting into college. Surviving. Now wi...

  • My Double life
    343 54 27

    ( DAILY UPDATES!) Reina's entire a life is a terrible truth covered in a beautiful lie. After living the most luxurious life imagined, it all stops when her father dies. She soon uncovers truths about his past and struggles to provide for her family, all the while keeping appearances and most importantly- secrets.

  • Enchanted Academy: The Crown Princess
    1.7K 610 37

    She is Samantha Astrea an extraordinary woman. She's a hard-headed girl yet a brave one and because of her stubbornness, she went to a school that she never thought existed in the world. '𝙴𝙽𝙲𝙷𝙰𝙽𝚃𝙴𝙳 𝙰𝙲𝙰𝙳𝙴𝙼𝚈' . An extraordinary school where her whole personality and life could change. 𝚆𝚎𝚕𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚎 𝚝�...

  • The Electric Gate
    566 155 181

    Seven students set out to finish their final year of high school. Only this high school isn't on earth, it's in another dimension. And it's not meant to just teach them how to be a good citizen, it teaches them how to slaughter their enemies. Alasia has been torn apart by war for twenty years now, the beginning of wh...

  • Crazy in Love
    527 102 12

    "So have you ever had boyfriend?" He asked. I didn't know why but I quickly replied,"Oh! God! No..never!" He chuckled and asked again,"Why?" I thought for a while and said the only lie that came in my mind,"I-I don't k-know maybe I d-don't f-feel l-like t-that for a-anyone." Ugh! I know...I was too bad in lying. "Are...

  • Fireflies and Forbidden things
    284 21 10

    Some say Silver Bloods received their uncanny abilities in exchange for their hearts. Some say they eat children in their sleep. Others say they're beasts prowling the mortal realm in disguise. Kai says he couldn't care less, but he's willing to become your worst nightmare if you stand in the way of what he wants, and...

  • Not another blind date
    1.4K 706 22

    Ranked number One #bridal Clare Knox is a wedding dress designer, who finds love in making dream marriages come true for others but the thought of being married is a phobia to her. ................................................ Clare hates the thought of the nuptial knot: her fear streams from her...

  • My Adventure in Mikellar
    750 178 32

    After 7 years of her sister's disappearance, Kyrah founds a strange land which she have to save before it gets rotten by the traitor wrong King Greg's evil plans of destroying the gifted nature beauty of the place and turning it into a sorrowful land. Will she be ready to face all the challenges? Will she be ready to...

    227 93 15

    [SLOW UPDATE] Alas has a illness that can't be cured. When Mryth and Martha happen to know that she has an illness, so they look after her and let her stay in their house. When she was a child, she was bedridden for few days with a unknown illness. She's a arsonist. Some say she's a savior but most of the people thin...

  • The Demon in the Pastry Shop
    126 8 54

    In a world of fantastical creatures, two tragedy-stricken souls (an Idol demon, Silus, and a Bell Spirit, Kit) bond over fresh-baked pastries and their statuses as social outcasts. But when Silus is ordered to hunt Kit down and bring her back to the callous giant, the Collector, he can't refuse. Kit flees Silus and hi...

  • Your Everlasting Tempest
    1K 187 33

    "You'd understand if you had a brain." Her tone was so frank and unapologetic that people almost forgot she was talking to the Crown Prince. She has been given another chance to fix the mistakes she made and save those she loves. Driven by resentment and the will to save her nation, Freskillia and it's people, Evelyn...

  • The Lamia
    1.9K 391 153

    Part 1: Awakenings - In which Dema Culver becomes the Lamia of legend.

  • The Purple Eyed Girl
    637 165 23

    Thousands of centuries ago humans, vampires, and werewolves lived together in harmony, considering one equal to the other. Ruled by a council of three kings, with one from each fullblood race, peace endured for quite some time. All of it was destroyed when many years later the new vampire and werewolf kings both wante...

    30 13 3

    |ON-GOING| Querencia Kingdom is a modern kingdom wherein magic exists. Evera, the successor of fire magic is an ill tempered woman. Wala siyang pinalalampas na pagkakamali. If you did a mistake, you pay for it. Evera never tends to lose a war. She's trained to be a warrior enchantress but can she win a war that is se...

  • Airborn
    72 19 13

    Gale has been trying to find all four amulets since she was a child. But as soon as she collects the last, a Firecaller hunts her down. Avoiding both him and her past is almost more than she can do, especially with some cryptic 'destiny' on the line. It becomes even more difficult when she meets dark but sweet Xavier...

  • Blade of the North
    5.4K 1.1K 62

    SARA FAIRGREY'S (16) home village is suddenly attacked by the army of EMPEROR TIGRANIK, leaving her mother and young sister dead. Distraught, Sara flees with her friends to the city of Tolos and her father. But Sara knows there is only one thing that will end the war and save her father and her friends. She must learn...

  • Blood On Her Hands
    141 25 10

    A lot of things can go wrong at a wedding, murder is never anticipated to be one of them. After someone is killed at her sister's wedding, Mickey finds herself aiding a murder investigation. With no background in police work, she is chosen to be a spy among her own family. The job is prompted by her connection to a my...

  • The Royal Kingdom
    71 34 9

    Elena Smith is 10/10 girl to be chosen to be picked to get the throne. While the girls have their minds on the Royal Throne, Elena has a mind on The Royal Kingdom's deep secrets and evil desires. Read to follow Elena's journey and the princesses aswell.

  • The Guardians of Celesk
    968 64 30

    It came during the most desperate of times, after a reign of bloodshed. It thundered on in spite of terror, hopelessness and the great chain of inequity. It shattered shackles and in its momentum gathered all in its wake. It was hope. In the new era, it rewrote the narrative and finally set the world free. Yet in this...

  • Heir of Dust and Wind
    2.5K 523 55

    Books never disappoint, books don't betray, books don't make superficial assumptions. That's why Ava has preferred losing herself in a delightful story to the company of real people for most of her life. Her disastrous date with her colleague's nephew merely seems to prove the point. What she doesn't know yet, is tha...