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  • Upset Jacksepticeye X Depressed Reader
    3.3K 111 10

    ~ trigger warning~ Read at own risk also not a good writer so its crappy~ You have lived with you Mom, Dad and your brother, Mark. You would've killed yourself if it wasn't for your brother, Those thoughts left your mind until you brother moved to L.A to start his career you begged him to stay but he couldn't he had...

  • Glitches {AntiSepticEye X Child Reader}
    26.3K 709 9

    After Anti and Jack recorded their Halloween video Anti looked at the comments tired of being made fun of and being called fake until he saw one comment saying all he needs is love..... "wH0 c0uLd l0vE A fReaK LiKe Me..?"

  • Broken (Jacksepticeye x Depressed Reader) **SLOW UPDATES**
    8.1K 228 6

    Y/N is 22 years old, she suffers from depression. She fights the demons every day, but nothing ever changes. All until she meets her new neighbor...

  • Best Friends Forever- Jacksepticeye x Depressed! Reader (ON HIATUS)
    6.7K 241 6

    This is the sequel to my book best friends. If haven't read that you probably should so you can understand this. *smut warning* Also, if you are triggered by self harm, or death or anything like that, this story isn't for you.

  • Battle Scars (JackSepticEye x Depressed reader)
    3.8K 68 15

    Warning! This is a triggering story. Lots of self harm topics and more. If you are going through depression and self harm, just know, youre not alone. There are people here for you. I know its hard to believe at first sometimes, but just trust me. YOU ARENT ALONE. I AM HERE FOR YOU! Many other people are as well. En...

  • Save You (Jacksepticeye x Child reader)
    24K 562 10

    Y/N, a 13 year old girl living an abusive life in a cabin, mostly in the middle of no where, lives in terror. One day she escapes, seeking help in a storm. Guess who she finds. I was dared to do this so, this is what I came up with lol.

  • "She Became My Sidekick In Crime." (Jacksepticeye X Depressed Reader)
    23.4K 813 12

    (Y/N) had been living with darkness and hate for too long. Demons. Darkness. That is all she knows of. Then a superhero comes along. Can they fight the demons off together? *Trigger* (He Isn't A Youtuber)

  • Renewed (Reader x Jacksepticeye)
    17.6K 608 9

    **Sequel to Unexpected** A few years have passed. Your YouTube career has taken off with Markiplier's. But you missed your boyfriend, Jacksepticeye, terribly. Ironically, that was about to change... ((Mature content))

  • Protective [Jack/Anti x Reader] [COMPLETE]
    44.2K 1.2K 21

    I set my journal to the side and looked at my phone, smiling to myself. It was July 14, which meant that it was my birthday. I was 18, a legal adult, and would be starting my senior year of high school in September. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Jacksepticeye Fluff
    222 10 1

    Gentle fluff, snuggles, hugs, and light pecks from yours truly, Jacksepticeye❤️

  • Jack's Girl
    147K 5.1K 53

    Has there ever been a time where you felt like your life was falling apart and it wouldn't stop? That's what this story is about. You, the reader, and this life is all you have. It's slowly falling apart. One day you meet this guy, a complete stranger, on the internet and your life will never be the same. This guy...

  • Best friends- Jacksepticeye X depressed! reader {COMPLETE}
    176K 4.3K 35

    "I'm in love with my bestfriend." please i wrote this when i was 13 don't judge me too hard suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255 lgbt suicide prevention: you're not alone. there's other lines of help. TRIGGER WARNING: This story consists of cutting and other versi...

  • Alone ( Jacksepticeye x Depressed reader ) {COMPLETED}
    21.1K 486 24

    You may have seemed fine, but you were the exact opposite of that. You were depressed, always anxious, suicidal and wanted to end it all. Until he came and changed it all. Btw I love Jack and Signe it's just for the story so please don't take offense WARNING: THIS CAN BE EXTREMELY TRIGGERING

    Completed   Mature
  • Alone - Jacksepticeye x reader
    14.6K 413 8

    Life was shit. I had to get out, do anything to change this. But then I saw him and saw nothing but a reflection of myself and he became my world. Could he really help me? Could I really help him? Who knows. //Reader is depressed// //Suicide attempt// A slowly built up Jacksepticeye x reader staring some of him f...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jacksepticeye X Reader Smut/ Images/ One Shots
    1.9K 32 3

    Exactly what the title says and I do take requests so hit me up. Don't be shy. 🖤

  • I Don't Want to Hurt You! (Antisepticeye/Jacksepticeye X Reader) [ BEING EDITED]
    190K 7.7K 50

    Y/N, or you, meet the JACKSEPTICEYE while saving him from your roommate's boyfriend. But, he acts a lot differently than on camera. You notice strange stomach cramps and that his eyes change from blue... to pure black. When you find out about Nightmare, things change. Nightmare is out for revenge, and you are directly...

    Completed   Mature
  • 69 Days of Jacksepticeye
    260K 3K 34

    This in NO way is what Jack SEEMS like on his videos. I don't know pretty much anything about his sex life soo it's really just fantasy. So yea I desided to do this. Inspired by SinfulMom4585 Enjoy SMUT WARNING!!!! Not in any way meaning to arouse.

  • My Little Cookie (Jacksepticeye x child reader)
    38.3K 741 20

    Y/n is 4 she was abandoned by her mother on a rainy night. then a green haired stranger brought her back home. Is this person nice or something else... Story cover belongs to someone else all rights reserved.

  • Order up(jacksepticeye x reader)
    632 63 11

    You would love to meet jacksepticeye, your wish came true once you find him working at Starbucks. Will you and him find a connection? Or will you find yourself alone reading fanfics?

  • Take My Hand~ A Jacksepticeye X Depressed Reader *COMPLETED*
    7.2K 226 21

    I am just bored and I just wanted to write another story so this is not going to be a professional fanfiction. This is probably going to be a very cringy one. Im not giving away spoilers, you have to read to know. Thanks to QueenDominion for the wonderful cover!

  • Jacksepticeye x reader fluff
    12K 269 28

    Hi! This is my first fluff story so I hope its not that bad. This is just soft cuddles, kisses, and moments with your favorite Irish bean ❤

  • Unexpected (Reader x Jacksepticeye)
    142K 4.1K 21

    You're Markiplier's younger sister. You've heard many things about Jacksepticeye but you never watched his videos or met him personally, that was, until now...

  • The Snow Falls Down (Jacksepticeye X Reader)
    81.2K 2.5K 21

    There is an updated version of this story because my old writing (aha, I wrote this a while ago) was not quite what you'd call "great". It is Wintertime, and you are spending time with your other YouTuber friends. Your friends try and get you and Jack together, but in ways that are more different than ever. ~The Wi...