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  • These Cherry Blossom Days [POETRY]✅
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    The flow of life is like the flow of a river. Meandering around rocks and through crevices. Sometimes it overflows, sometimes it is dried up, but whatever the case may be, as long as there is water in the river bed, the river flows on. So too, as long as there is breath in our bodies life goes on. Through the trials a...

  • Silence ||poetry ||
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    A wise woman once said nothing. #1 in poetrylover :- 29/11/2020(GC) #1 in poetry:- 08/03/2025(jk)

  • Aurora The Poet
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    Poems of few lines. Each emotion needs to be described. Each painful situation needs to be explained. Each laugh will be counted and so will each cry will be dried. This is my first book of poems. Do go through. Leave your votes and comments. *Don't believe everything you see or hear. Cause you are dead and blind. You...

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    A full cake book with various wonderful-easy-to-do recipes, created with love for a wonderful friend and sister, Abigail.

  • "Tula para sa aking Sinta"
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    Tagalog na Tula na ginawa para sa aking Sinta, upang maglahad at maglabas ng pag ibig na nararamdaman sa babaeng aking balang araw papakasalan 😊❤️ Dedicated to viviiix_ ILY😘

  • Pain Unleash
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    Expressing Pain in a Poetry way

    Completed   Mature