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  • Anna Watson's writing tips: Because I've run out of ideas
    1.1K 134 10

    I am not a professional writer (If that wasn't obvious already) But these are some tips I've found or realised when writing my plethora of books while on a sugar high of RedBull This book is purely for fun! If you have tips for others or want to correct me, please feel absolutely free to do so! Now... time to crack op...

  • ϟ Hogwarts, A History
    86K 1.5K 114

    A not-so-small guide containing all the tips, tricks and what's-it's of the magical wizarding world that is Harry Potter.

  • Butterbeer » The Unofficial Guide to Write Harry Potter Fanfiction
    2.2K 117 2

    in which a teenage girl who somehow did pretty good on one harry potter story, thinks she qualified to help others. even though she's definitely not.

  • Writing Prompts
    2.1K 186 60

    Here are some prompts to write your next story. :)