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  • Angst Academy: His Queen
    12M 353K 67

    Highest Rank Reached in Action Category: Rank #1 Her innocence. Their violence. How come a weak and innocent girl manage to enter the academy. Except her financial status that can't even beat the lowest rank of the school, her innocence doesn't suit on that kind of place. Mafias. Gangsters. Assassins. From influencial...

  • Savage Billionaire's ONE NIGHT STAND
    41.1M 981K 92

    Yvette dela Merced wanted to use her beauty and charm to take back Cassiopeia, her aunt's ancestral house, from the owner of the Pratley, Inc. But she did not expect to make a mistake... causing her to spent an eventful night with none other than the Prince of Hell and Australia's richest finance magnate, Phoenix Arth...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Player Meets The Coach
    858K 22.5K 48

    May mga lalaki talaga na mahilig maglaro. Sa kahiligan nila sa paglalaro, pati babae ay pinaglalaruan nila. It's either, men will love you to have sex with you. Or men will have sex with you because they love you. Dati na niya akong pinaglaruan kaya sa susunod na pagkikita namin, sasamahan ko na siya sa larong gusto n...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rough
    1.7M 31K 92

    Sondra Hawthorne grew up hating Maximillian Gold, the man who broke her heart years ago. When the two find themselves working closely as Maximillian gears up for a business merger, Sondra realizes the motivations behind his actions were more complicated than she initially thought. ***** When Sondra Hawthorne, a 28-ye...

    Completed   Mature