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  • Tell Me My Meaning, Show Me My Name
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    This is a story about MHA being only a show, and the characters lives.. As actors. I have not been in this community for years at this point, so forgive me if they are OOC or i forget a character, I'm not up to date anymore. But, I hope you enjoy! . So, one shot turned story, let's see how this goes and if it flops or...

  • Kiribaku Oneshot
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    This is only still here because of the decent amount of reads. I am re-writing everything but the smut.

  • Kiribaku oneshots
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    ⚠️Includes NSFW content⚠️ Kiribaku oneshots!! Will be both fluff and smut, I will label them in the title All written by me✨ ⚠️All characters are 20 years or older⚠️ 💕Cover was made by one of my fluff balls on Instagram💕 (they did Not want to be tagged for privacy reasons) • • Quick side note, please don't rewrit...