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  • Hatred and Love
    736 114 7

    Wherein Seungmin and Hyunjin were rivals since birth.But what if Hyunjin developed homosexual feelings for the younger...? Will Seungmin return his love? Started - 09.02.21

  • More than an act
    509 54 4

    After all the days we spent together,I just found out that they were just an act..You just used me and took advantage of me for your own good.. Your words,your smiles,your hugs,your kisses,everything was just an act...... You never loved me because there was nothing more than an act...... Started : 26.12.2020

  • Someone-Seungjin
    9.3K 887 31

    It's okay to ignore me It's fine to forget my existence It's fine to unsee my love Cuz I'm just someone who doesn't exist to you Started : 15.11.2020 Finished:25.12.2020

  • Seungjin Oneshot Stories
    20K 670 19

    As the title says,this is a book full of Seungjin stories

  • Second Option(Seungjin)✔
    51.3K 3.6K 57

    [Thank you @skysksksk for this beautiful cover] "I forget that I'm just your second option."-K.SM "What do you mean by he's gone???"-H.HJ Started -28.07.2020 Finished-13.09.2020