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  • A New Challenger (Ryuko Matoi X Reader)
    130K 2.2K 36

    #1 in Ryuko as of 11/26/19 #1 in inprocess as of 11/29/19 #1 in insert as of 4/22/20 This is the classic Kill La Kill story but with an added male protagonist that the reader is supposed to embody. This will be a long read as I plan to go through all of the events of the anime with this new character. The story is ab...

  • The Power of a Punch!! (Kill la Kill x Male Reader)
    35.2K 792 31

    Forced into this new universe, you find yourself in the midst of a scheme far bigger than what you believe you can take on. But with the help of Ryuko and your own Kamui, you both will take on the challenges in Honnouji Academy, with an iron fist! --- This story is basically following the narrative of the show, but wi...

    Completed   Mature
  • The New Kid: Rwby x Male Reader (Read Description Pls)
    352K 5.1K 71

    My second story on Wattpad. Enter the shoes of (Y/N) as you're the new kid at beacon....well sorta everyone is a new kid since people are just joining now.... Anyways for the being the new kid you're causing a lot of attention your way. Mainly girl attention in matter a fact. Redone Chapters; Chapters 1-9 Chapter 17-1...

  • The Innocent Bystander (PowerfulM!Reader x Kill La Kill)
    1.1M 17.4K 24

    Meet (Y/N), the most powerful hero on earth... that no one has ever heard of. He's done it all, slay monsters, avert disasters, and save the planet and if there is one thing he's learned is that he REALLY wants a break. After deciding to have a normal life, (Y/N) has chosen to finish high school. And what better place...

  • Male reader x ryuko Matoi (Completed)
    123K 2.3K 103

    A year after the events of kill la kill Ryuko and everyone else have moved on and Ryuko lives with her older sister Satsuki and is attending normal high school. Despite no longer possessing senketsu Ryuko is still the same fighter she's always been and gets into all sorts of trouble and adventure. One day Ryuko comes...

  • Kill La Kill: Halcyon
    5.3K 159 24

    He failed to stop Enrico Pucci. Because of him, all that he holds dear is gone. His once brilliant resolve gone, but ignited when he meets her. Moved once more by a determined girl. He brings himself into action, but a fear keeps him at bay.

    Completed   Mature