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  • The Boys Next Door
    71 7 4

    18 year old Harper Elliott has just graduated high school. She lives in a beach house at Byron Bay, Australia. Her life is fairly average, attending parties now and then with her 'boyfriend' Oscar. But what happens when a family of 6 hot boys move in down the street... All I can say is be prepared for some drama... (S...

  • Ask Me Anything!
    21 3 2

    Hi! So, idk I was kinda bored when I can up with this but the whole idea of this book is it's like a Q&A. You can ask me anything, if it's about me, or you or whoever, and I will answer you honestly or with the best advice I can give you. I will only answer questions if they are appropriate, I am comfortable with ans...

  • forgiveness and fate ☾ the maze runner
    29.4K 799 24

    Teresa survives, and Thomas and her begin to mend what was damaged. Set in Paradise. (After The Death Cure)

  • Meme Man
    99 14 11

    No vegetal

  • Divergent: New Initiates
    127 14 6

    A year after Tris chooses Dauntless, the new initiates arrive. Tris and Tobias are the initiate instructors for the transfers. Jeannine and the dauntless leaders aren't planning an attack on Abnegation so there is no war. Al is dead but everyone else is still alive. This is all in Tris's P.O.V I hope you like it. I wi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Always
    461 27 9

    After Mockingjay, pre epilogue. Katniss and Peeta's relationship is growing stronger each day. When a drunk Haymitch suggests marriage and even children, it gets them both thinking about taking the next step in their relationship. All credit to the amazing Suzanne Collins! I also did not make any of the artworks used...