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  • Fall in love with Cupid Girl (ON-GOING)
    320 186 10

    "Walang halaga sa akin ang palaso sapagkat lalo lamang akong mahuhulog sayo kung matatamaan mo ako." "Maswerte ka lamang dahil ikaw ang babaeng para sa akin at ako'y para sayo."

  • The Edge of Never || COMPLETED
    1K 603 28

    She is Jeanne Frances Fabella. A girl with principle. May pangarap at gustong mapatunayan. She has everything. Not until Grant Gadielle Cearo came to her life. Lalaking walang plano sa buhay at sumasabay lang sa agos nito. The man who was the reason of her downfall. But fate has its ways. Some things you didn't expec...

    489 127 18

    Catherine and Perry couldn't have survived without their friends as they had their parents traveled out of State leaving them behind. Forward to this fateful day, after the departure of their parents. Across the entire state a hurricane could be seen in the sky putting fear in the face of many, as it rushed through de...

  • Skater's Intimacy
    212 61 12

    What's about the Skater? Date Started: November 21, 2020 Date Finished:

  • Taming the Wild Wolf (Hell Conduit Series #1)
    3.8K 357 51

    Hell Conduit Series #1: Taming The Wild Wolf Everything started in high school when two organisations had a rivalry. It gave birth to catastrophe, affairs, deaths, heartbreaks, friendships, sweet lies, and painful revelations. "There are two types of FEARs; Forget Everything And Run, or Face Everything And Rise. If...

  • Among Us
    527 67 7

    A young girl spontaneously grows wings after a life threatening car accident. To her dismay the wings have mind of their own... As time passes, her legend and lineage grows to have an affect far greater than her wingspan...

  • He Marked Me As His (On Going)
    223 30 8

    Evhren meets caila in unexpected way and gives him a feeling that he couldn't believe he can feel, she makes him do things that he couldn't imagine he would and take note may anak na ito! At pag mamayari pa ata ng lalaking kinamumuhian nya Do he still love her regardless of the situation they have? Or he would spli...

  • 🌺Design Within a Skyscraper🌺
    800 271 10

    A story that tells dream should not be scattered out and by trusting yourself isn't that hard but the hardest choice is believing in someone . "try to value your saddest tears cause someday you'll cry with happiness" RARENESS-RARITY

  • Undying Memories
    5.3K 3.4K 39

    Pain is a different word from hurt. Being happy in this world is a miracle so enjoy the moments before it turns to memories. People may leave you but not memories. It would always be with you even when you're dead or even in your next life. "For my next life, I ask for the same man with a happy ending." she wrote it i...

  • Itinala sa Tala ✓
    321 147 27

    ❝ Binibing Akin. Binibining aking sinisinta, hindi ko hinihiling na sagutin mo agad ako, sapagkat isa sa mga pangarap ko ay ang maligawan ka hanggang sa pumuti ang ating mga buhok. ❞ © all rights reserved - completed 2020 | LucyTehWarrier

    141 29 23

    Sabi nila paglasing dun kalang malambing at pag may alak may balak!

  • Highschool Drama- Not As I Expected!
    3.1K 1K 15

    A girl who grew up in riches and never had a chance to know her biological mother, Find out what happens next when she had an encounter with a mystical being... How will she find true love when she doesn't believe in it, Only time will tell...She has to go through a lot of complicated dramas to where her destiny lie...

  • 𝐎𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐔𝐩𝐨𝐧 𝐀 𝐁𝐫𝐨𝐤𝐞𝐧 𝐕𝐨𝐰
    719 303 9

    Babaeng naiwan sa altar, napaibig sa isang lalaking ikakasal na. Ironic, hindi ba? © for the owner of the picture I used in the book cover

  • She's Crazy ✓
    3.6K 1.2K 53

    What happens when an altruistic but mawkish girl mingles with her artful but manipulative classmate? ++++ Here's Shiza Brandon who always puts others happiness before her own, something she regrets not doing in the past. And the word 'crazy' may be a tad bit triggering for her. Then there's the crazy Marina Smith who...